Unit1 My day 教案设计

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  Unit1 My day 教案设计




  授课教师: 杨 洁


  PEP Unit1 My day Part A Read and write


  本节课内容设计依据PEP Unit1 My day Part A Read and write原始文本进行再构文本Robinson’s a new day,分为读,写和再读三个部分:第一部分要求学生阅读再生成文本Robinson’s a new day并思考教师提出的问题,读后划出文本中的关键词组并根据关键信息作答;第二部分为个性化书写活动,要求学生补全给Robinson写的一封回信,告诉他自己每天都做些什么及鼓励语句。第三部分要求学生阅读再生成文本Mark’s one day on the Marks并能完成句型补充及判断对错的阅读任务。









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  Step1 :Preview

  a.Let’s chant.

  Go, go, go shopping. Every weekend, I usually go shopping.

  Watch, watch, watch TV. Every weekend, I usually watch TV.

  Do, do, do homework. Every weekend, I usually do homework.

  Clean, clean, clean my room. Every weekend, I usually clean my room.

  Take, take, take a dancing class. Every weekend, I usually take a dancing class.

  b.Free talk

  T: Did you have a nice/bored/tired weekend?

  S: No./Yes.

  T: Why?

  S: Because of too much homework.

  T: Oh, that sounds bored. Look, It is spring now. The weather is often sunny and warm. We can do many things outside. Can we fly a kite/go hiking/climb a mountain/play football/play ping-pong on the weekend?

  OK, tell something about your weekend.

  S: I often …on Saturdays. I always …on Sundays.

  T: That sounds a lot of fun. Are you also hard-working? Are you helpful at home? On Saturday mornings, I often wake up naturally and clean the rooms . In the afternoon, I always bring my daughter to take a piano class. On Sundays, I usually climb Baita Mountain with my family. Sometimes I fly a kite with my daughter beside the Yellow River. Sometimes I go shopping in Xi Taihua supermarket. I need Robin to help me do the housework. Where is Robin? Robin is in a play. He is Robinson Crusoe now. I find a drift bottle on the beach. Here is a letter from him.

  Step2: Presentation

  再生成文本:A new day has come to Robinson.

  My name is Robinson. I live on a desert island. I am so lonely and sad,but I have to live alive. I need to make things on my own.

  I always wake up early every day. I pick up berries for breakfast. Then I grow wheat and corn on the island. Sometimes I build a cave with pebbles.

  In the afternoon, I usually go hunting in the forest. Sometimes I go fishing beside the sea. I like bake fish best. It tastes yummy! I can enjoy with my friend . He is a lovely parrot. He often sing and dance for me. That makes me happy.

  a.Listen and think:

  Listen the text and think about the question below:

  Q1: Where does Robinson live?

  S: He lives on a desert island.

  b:Watch and think:

  Watch the movie of Robinson’s life experiences on the island ,and then think about some questions below:

  Q1: Are there any people on the island?

  Q2: Are there any houses on the island?

  Q3: Are there any food on the island?

  Q4: Are there any animals on the island?

  Q5: Are there any trees on the island?

  Q6: What’s the island like?"

  T: There is no people, no house, no food on the island, so how can Robinson live alone?

  c.Read and think:

  Read the text loudly and answer these questions below.

  Q1: What does Robinson often do every day? Underline the activities he often does.

  Q2: What’s Robinson’s favorite food?

  Q3: Dose he have a friend? What does his friend often do for him?

  Q4: What’s Robinson like?

  Q5: What’s your hope for Robinson?

  b.Think and write:

  Write a letter to Robinson. Tell him what you often do every day. Use the sentence patterns below:

  Dear Robinson,

  My name is          . I live in                       .

  I often                          and                            .

  In the afternoon, I                   with             .

  I hope you can get off your island soon.




  After writing, please put your letter into the drift bottle and throw it into the sea.

  Step3: Extension

  笔者深度挖掘原始文本,又进行了文本拓展,以"On the Mars"火星为背景,通过让学生观看"火星救援"电影视频片段创设情境,以主人公马克在火星上的一天是怎样度过的展开文本再构如下:

  Mark’s one day on the Mars

  Hi, I'm Mark. I am a cool spaceman from the USA. I land on the Mars by spaceship. I live in my space house on the Mars.

  I always wake up early in the morning. I clean my face and teeth, then I only eat potatoes for breakfast. I often try to grow potatoes in the soil. I also try to make water. That sounds amazing, but I get it. I am good at making things.

  In the afternoon, I usually go for a walk with my spacesuit(宇航服)on the Mars. Sometimes I climb a hill and enjoy the nice scene.

  In the evening, I always listen to my favorite songs and keep a diary of my day. Another day has gone, I am still alone. Bring me home!

  a.Watch and fill in:

  Watch the movie of Mark’s life experiences on the Mars, and fill in the blanks:

  There is no  water   on the Mars.

  There is no  air     on the Mars.

  There is no   people  on the Mars.

  There is no   food  on the Mars.

  There is no  …  on the Mars.

  学生通过观看电影视频了解火星并初步感知文本中"spaceman,by spaceship,space house,spacesuit"关键单词。

  b. Read and tick or cross:

  Read the text silently and finish the task.

  Mark is a spaceman from the UK.              (    )

  Mark landed on the Mars by subway.地铁        (    )

  Mark only eats tomatoes for breakfast.           (    )

  Mark is good at making things.                 (    )

  In the morning, Mark usually goes for a walk with his spacesuit on the Mars.  (    )

  In the evening, Mark always does some kungfu.   (    )

  Mark wants to go home.                      (    )

  c. Listen and imitate:

  Listen and repeat the sentences loudly with the correct tone.

  Step4: Homework(You can choose a or b)

  a. If you are Robinson, what do you do on a day. Try to rewrite the text.

  b. If you are Mark, What do you do on a day. Try to rewrite the text.

  Step5: Board design

  Unit 1      My day

  I often              and                 in the morning.

  In the afternoon, I                  with        .

  I hope                               .