she is my mother

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she is my mother


Unit 5 She is my mother.

              Total: 3      Lesson: 2

Teaching purpose:  Use pronouns to identify people.

                 Ask a ‘Who’ question

                 Use adj to describe people.

Teaching difficulties: handsome, pretty, smart, naughty

                 Who is this? It is me.

                 Who is he? He is my father.

He is handsome.

I love my father.

Teaching procedures:

A: Revision

1. Singing: Hello, How are you?

         I like coffee

         Teddy Bear

2. A chant: grandfather, grandfather, old,

         grandmother, grandmother, healthy,

         father, father, handsome,

         mother, mother, pretty,

         uncle, uncle, fat,

         auntie, auntie, slim,

         sister, sister, smart,

         brother, brother, naughty,

         I am lovely.

3.Tony’s family picture: Who is he? He is my father.

a.     The teacher asks and the students answer.

b.     Boys ask and girls answer.

c.     Girls ask and boys answer.

4.Singing: Who is he?

B: Presentation


1.    A picture of myself:

T: Who is she?  Ss: She is Miss Zhang.

T: Yes, it is me.

2.    Teach the new structure:  Who is this? It is me.

3.    A picture of our class: ( All the students ask together, and the one who is in the picture should stand up and says: It is me.)

 Ss: Who is this?  S1:It is me.


4.    A Game: Look at the screen and the one appear on the screen

should stand up and say the sentence.

Tony, Tony, can you see?

          Tony, Tony, it is me.



1.    Go back to Tony’s family picture.

2. father—father, handsome

mother—mother, pretty

sister—sister, smart

brother—brother, naughty

3.    Draw the lines.






 naughty       smart         pretty         handsome

4.    A Game: Who is handsome (pretty, smart, naughty) please come to the front then chant together.

e.g. Charley, Charley, handsome.

    Harry, Harry, handsome….

5.    Introduce Tony’s family members:


 Who is he?





He is my father.

He is handsome.

I love my father.



6. Drill: He is my father.

He is handsome.

I love my father.

7. Look at your own pictures then do pairwork:

A: Who is she?

B: She is my mother.

She is pretty.

I love my mother.

8. Drawing: Draw a picture of your family, then introduce your family members.

e.g. She is my sister.

         She is smart.

         I love my sister.





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