good friends

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good friends

 1 .talk about friends and friendship,and learn to make apologies.
 2. discuss problems occurring in a friendship and suggestion solutions.
 3. practice talking about likes and dislikes.
 4. Learn to write an e-mail to find an e-pal.

生词(New lexis) :
 1.  From  text : honest     brave    loyal    wise
   handsome   smart    argue      classical     fond 
   match    mirror  fry   hammer   saw   rope    movie   
   cast  deserted   hunt  share  sorrow   feeling   airplane  
   lie  in    speech   adventure    notebook   error

2.    Addition vocal :  fond of       hunt  for    in  order  to     care  about       such  as     drop  sb  a  line

句型( structure) :直接引语和间接引语(1):
 “I like reading adventure stories .”said John .
              John  said that he liked reading adventure  stories.
 “I don’t enjoy computers ,”Sarah said to her friend.
             Sarah  told her friends that she did’t enjoy computers.            2. 转述他人的疑惑—一般疑问句
 “Ann  ,have you seen my blue notebook ?”Peter asked.                                 
             peter asked Ann if she had seen his blue notebook.
  “what differences does it make ?”Peter asked Jim .
             Peter  asked Jim what  differences  it  made.

   1.likes  and  dislikes :
  he  /she  likes /loves  …                     he /she  is  fond  of  …
  my interests/favorites  hobbies   are  reading   and  singing .
  he /she  don’t  like …
  he /she  doesn't   enjoy  …                he  /she  hates …
  he  /she  thinks  …is  terrible  /boring
    2.making  apologies  :
  you  said  that  you  would  … why  did’t /did  you …?
  you  promised  to  …why  did’t you …?
  please  forgive  me .
  I’m very  sorry …it  happened   again . 
  I’m  sorry  I  forget.

热身运动(Warming up) :make a discussion
          what should  a  good  friend  be  like ? What
qualities  should  a  good friend have ?  Should they be
funny ,smart  or  strong ?  Use the words in  the  box        
below  to  describe a 5-star friend . You can  use other words in you like.


e.g. A:  I  think a friend should be kind.
       B:  A  good  friend is someone who makes me happy.

例如:A: I think a friend should be kind.
          B: A good friend is someone who makes me happy.
   Describe yourself in three words and then describe one of your
friends .
   I think I am_______   ________and ________.
   I think he/she is ________   ________and ________.

课前阅读(pre --reading):
        Imagine  that you are alone on an island .you have to survive without friends and all things you use in your everyday life. Which of the items in the box would be the most useful  to you on the island  ?list the three items and explain why you think  they would be useful.




1.I think that________would be most useful, because I  could use it_______ ,to_______and to________.
2.I also think that_______would be useful ,because I could use it to_______,to_______and _______.

      In  the movie cast away ,Tom  Hanks  plays a man named Chunk is a businessman who is always to busy that he has little time for his friends .He is a successful manager in a company that sends mail all over the world .One day Chuck is on a flight across the Pacific Ocean when suddenly his plane crashes ,
    Chuck survives the crash and lands on a deserted island.
       On  the island ,Chuck has to learn to survive all alone .He has to learn to collect water , hunt for food ,and make fire .
    perhaps the most difficult challenge is how to survive without friends .In order to survive ,Chuck develops a friendship with an unusual friend------a volleyball he calls Wilson .
       Chuck learns a lot  about himself when he is alone on the island .He realizes that he has’t been a very good friend because he was always been thinking about himself .During 

    his four years on the island ,Chuck learns how to be a good friend to Wilson .Even though Wilson is just a volleyball,he becomes fond of him ,he talks to him and treats to have someone to care about ,he also learns that he should have care more about his friends ,when he makes friends .when he makes friends with Wilson ,he understand that friendship is about feelings and that we must give as much as take.
         A volleyball is certainly to unusual friend our friend . Most of friends are human beings ,but we also make friends with animals and even things .For example ,many of us have pets ,  and we all have favorite objects , such as lucky pen or diary . The lesson  we can learn form Chunk and all the others who have unusual friends is that friends are teachers .Friends helps us understand who we are ,why we need each other and we can do for each other.

           The  movie stars Tom hanks and Helen Hunt  and   is  directed  by Robert Zemeckis (also directed of forest Gump).
           Hanks  plays Chunk Noland ,a workaholic Federal Express systems engineer ,who always lives by the clock . His fiancée is  often neglected . On Christmas Day , he has a call and has to board  a plane to Malaysia, leaving his fiancée . In a  terrible storm ,his plane crashes over the south seas, killing the few on board with the exception of Chunk..
            The place crash leaves chuck stranded on a deserted island for four years ,cut of from all the people and  stripped of everyday day conveniences, he must first meet the basic needs of survival . He makes full use of the contents of the washed –up FedEx packages .in  total solitude  he makes he friends with a volleyball which is also washed ashore inside a FedEx package .He communicates  with  the volleyball , names it Wilson and even paints a face on it with his own blood ,almost making a ball as a real person with real feelings.  After four years, Chuck returns to the civilization . He becomes transforms both physically and emotional .He realized  that there is much more to life than work.


1.In the movie Cast Away  Tom Hanks plays a man named Chuck Noland .在电影《荒岛余生》中,汤姆·汉克斯扮演一位名叫查克·若兰德的男子,play 在这里的意思是“扮演(角色)”=play  the  role / part  ,act  ,act   the  part  /  role  of  , take   the   part   of  .   day  chuck   is  an  a  flight  across   the   Pacific   Ocean   when   suddenly   his   plane   crashes. 一天,查克飞越太平洋时,他的飞机突然因故障而坠毁了。
Crash  :   1>vt&vi   (使)猛撞;(使)坠毁,例如:
          last   night   he   was  so  drunk   that   he  crashes   his  car   into  the   iron   railings.
          we    survived   although    others   died   in  the   air   plane   crash..在这次空难中,其它人都死了,只有我们几个侥幸逃生了。
3.chuck   survives   the    crash    and   lands   on  a  deserted   island   where   there  are  no   people .查克从灾难中逃生了,并且着落在一个荒芜人烟的荒岛上。

1>.desert   .v.    遗弃,抛弃,离弃,例如:
             he   is   so   selfish  that   all   friends   have   deserted   him  他是如此的自私,以至他的朋友都抛弃了他。
2>desert   .adj.  无人的,被抛弃的,被遗弃的;例如:
             ~island,     ~street.
4.on   the  island  ,Chuck   has  to  learn  to  survive  all  alone.
           alone 和lonely 的区别:
              1> 当它做形容词时,只能做表语,表示“独自一人”表示的是客观状态,没有感情色彩;
              2> 当它做副词时,意思是“独自,单独”,在名词或代词后时,意思为“只有(only)”

例句:1>. I  am  alone , but I  don’t  feel  lonely .我是独自一人,但我不感到孤独。
2>.we  have no idea  why  he  left  the  company . Tom alone  knows  the  secret.我们都不知道他为什么要离开公司,只有Tom 一人知道这个秘密。
 3>.Chuck  Noland  lived  alone  on  the  lonely  island  for  four  years.查克·若兰德独自一人在荒岛上住了4年。
5.In   order  to  survive  ,Chuck  developed   a  friendship  with  an  unusual  friend —a   volleyball  he  calls  Wilson.为了生存,查克和一个不平常的朋友发展了一段友谊—一个排球,他叫它威尔逊。
    In   order  to … 引导一个表示目的的状语从句。意思为“为了…”
例句:He  hurried   through    his   homework  in  order  to   play   football   with  other   boys .为了和其他男孩踢足球,他匆匆忙忙的做完他的家庭作业。
         有时还可以省略in  order  ,直接用不定式表示目的状语。如:
              He  hurried  through   his   homework   to  play   football    with  other  boys .
     in  order   to   do  还可以用so  as  to  来代替,但是so  as   to  一般不能放在句首。
In  order   to  do  的否定形式是 :in  order  not  to  do  .如:
     He   left  early  in  order  to   not  to  be  late  for  school.他离开那么早,是为了上学


in  order   还可以带不定式逻辑主语for   sb   to  so .如:
   He  stopped  aside  in  order  for   me   to  pass.为了让我过去,他停下来站在一旁。
    in  order  that  和so  that  句型引导的状语从句,也是表示目的的.。

 6.Even  though Wilson  is  just  a  volleyball  ,Chuck  becomes  fond  of   Wilson .尽管威尔逊只是一个排球,但是查克还是很喜欢它。
    even  if  ,even  though 引导让步状语从句“即使,纵然”。
例句:we  can’t  get  the  work  done  even  if  (even  though)  we  stay  all  night.
7.Chuck   learns   that   we   need  friends to  share   happiness    and  sorrow.查克知道了我们需要朋友来同甘共苦。
     share  常用于下面短语:
    1>.share   in   sth 分享,分担(in   可以省略)
   例句: True   friends   share    (in)   your  sorrows  as  well   as   (in)   your   joys.真正的朋友是能够像分享你的快乐一样的分担你的痛苦的。

2>. Share   sth  (out)  among  / between  sb 将…平均分配
3>.share   sth  with  sb  与某人共享…
    例句:I  share  the  water  fee  with  my   roommates.我与我的室友共同分担水费.

8.Chuck  also  learns   that   he  should   have  cared  more   about   his   friends.查克也知道了他应该多顾及一下他的朋友们的。
     should   have  done  “本该…”
    例句:you  should’t  have  gone  to  bed  so  late  last  night  .
    A  :  The  fish  has  gone  bad . 这条鱼已经坏了。  
   B  :  you  should  have  kept   it  in  refrigerator.  你应该将它放在冰箱里的。

课后习题 (Post—reading):
1.what  things  must Chuck  learn  to  survive on the island?
2.what  does  Chuck  learn  about  himself  when  he  is  alone  on  the island?
3.if  you  were  alone  on  an  island ,about  would  you  do  in  order  to  survive ?
4.image  that  four  people  are  in  an  airplane  that   is  going  on  crash ,one   is  a  police man  ,one  is  a  doctor  ,one  is  a  teacher ,and  one  is  a   scientist  ,there  is  only  one     parachute  . decide  who  should  get  parachute  and  explain  why.
语言点学习(language study)  :
    Fill  in the blanks with the words and phrases you have learnt
in this unit.

1.My friend is ______.he never tells lies.
2.I like pop music ,she likes _____music ,but we are good friends.
3.I think a good friend should not only share happiness ,but also _______with me.
4.Although father and I often ______ with each other ,we are good friends.
5.many peoples keep dogs as pets because dogs are regarded as ________friends to people.
6.If you were alone on a desert  island ,you would have to learn to collect water and _______food.
7.The young man is very ______history ,he reads books about it almost every day.
8.she is a ______girl ,she is afraid of anything.
9.There will be many people at the theatre,so we will go there early _____  _____  _____ get good seats.
10.If someone is quick in mind and action ,we can say he is_____.

    1.honest                   6.hunt for
    2.rock/classical          7.fond of
    3.sorrow                   8.brave
    4.argue            order to
Tip writing an e—mail message:
     An e—mail is less formal than a letter ,but there are still a few thins.
    1.write the topic of your message on the subject line
    2.keep your e--mail as short as possible
    3.check your e—mail for spelling errors and other mistakes.
    4.write your name at the end of your message .



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