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英文专业求职信 篇1

  respect leadership:


  thank you for your busy schedule to read me down, for a full of enthusiasm open a door to door of hope, hope i can give you the arrival of a surprise, i hope!

  my name is *, institute of technology of profession of him pharmacy in a graduate student i very ordinary, but unwilling to mediocre, i am optimistic, confident self-motivated, the hobby is widespread, the manner is kind, can good interpersonal skills, and have a strong

  sense of responsibility and the sense of mission three years of study that i set up the correct outlook on life, the values and indomitable character during the period of school, i also paid special attention to the study good professional class at the same time, to develop quality and ability to progress, make full use of free time, expanding knowledge, improving knowledge structure in the

  increasingly competitive today, i firmly believe that only multi-level, all-round development, and skilled grasp professional

  knowledge of talents in order to meet the needs of social development and the demand of the employing unit

  i'm in the people's hospital during the internship, follow the guidance of teachers each department, study hard, will textbook knowledge theory and practice, now i to chinese and western the pharmacy and pharmaceutical preparation, drug testing room, etc of department work have a certain experience, and learned a lot of knowledge from high school.

  now, i'm about to graduate, common colleges and universities, the common but i have a class does not dare the ordinary heart in the

  face of the new life choices and challenges, i be full of confidence. i want to be in the new starting point, new level, with a new

  attitude, show new view, writing new records, create new results. although in many candidates, i may not be the most excellent, but i have the thoughts of the uemitting efforts, the more the better the war spirit and good attitude to style the confidence and hope you if to me, let me to display their potential, i will be conscientious, try my best to let the expensive unit meet!

  finally, wish your unit future prosperity!

英文专业求职信 篇2

  Some worked, some harvest. Four years time, so I picked a rich fruits. Four years, I have to study first, learn housekeeping skills, a more systematic grasp of the theory and skills courses. And have achieved excellent results, year after year was a second-class people of scholarship, the state passed the CET examination. Knowledge is their own. Normally, I would also focus on computer learning, the use of a more skilled OFFICE, PHOTOSHOP, such as application software, and I was third when the province passed the computer 2, the State secondary examinations. Proficiency in computer applications, English as well as the ability to read dictation solid professional knowledge, in order to enable me to adapt to the needs of society with a heavy weight.

  Germany is the head of human resources. Four years, I strive to improve their own ideological and political self-cultivation, a serious post-secondary study of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory; for their high standards and strict requirements. Through continuous in-depth study, I joined the glorious Communist Party of China.

  Is the all-round development of qualified personnel. Ability is what I learn and the most important. Mission work as secretaries of party branches in the process, solid, hard, stress method, efficiency. Four years of training, the community has enriched my experience and improve the leadership, organizational skills, the spirit of unity and cooperation. For this reason, I have been rated as outstanding cadres school, outstanding members.

  Four years, I do take every step to obtain any results in return for all the sweat, which represents the past. Careers in the face when I chose you because I am hard, I work hard, to stand the test of your company.

  Believe me, choose me, you will not regret it!

  Give me a chance, I will also surprise you!



英文专业求职信 篇3

The leadership of the distinguished company:

  Hello! Thank you for your busy schedule to take time to read my cover letter.

  Through various channels, I learned about the situation of your company, know your company keep on exploring and innovating with the strength and the development of a strong future at the same time, the community has a high-profile reputation, so I can become a great yearning for a member of.

  I am a graduating student of accounting, since the school years, I have been making strenuous efforts to do a good job should be done, I told myself: to learn not only seriously, but also to enhance their abilities, and strive to achieve all-round development.

  Learn from the hard to learn and practice correct; from learning to focus on a wide range Shooters professional knowledge and broaden their knowledge and broaden thinking. At the same time, good people to learn, with great concentration, thinking, and constantly improve themselves and improve their own comprehensive quality.

  With self-confidence, I recommend myself to you, if your company had the honor to become a member of, I will work hard, with an open mind due diligence, active play to their initiative and creativity to contribute to the company. Optional wood-liang and the Migratory birds, horses and people for the wing! I believe that your organization can give me a space to develop their talents, but also ask you to believe I can bring new vitality to your organization, the new results. Select your organization, I decided the most prudent. "Would like to take Kimigayo talents, explore the journey of my life."

  Thank you again for the final reading of this letter and look forward to your reply as soon as possible.

  Your organization would like to prosperity



英文专业求职信 篇4










英文专业求职信 篇5

  Dear Admissions Committee:

  I am pleased to have this opportunity to recommend one of my capable students at the ABC University, Mr. Hung-Doe Doe, to your university‘s master degree program in computer science for entering class fall 19xx. Through my extensive observation of him in both academic and extracurricular fields, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Doe possesses a number of valuable qualifications that will make him an outstanding member of his graduate class.

  I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Doe when he was under my instruction in the course of Electrical Engineering during the academic year of 19xx. While attending this requirement course, Mr. Doe has left me with the impression as a bright and hard-working student who is highly motivated in his coursework. His academic integrity can be reflected by the fact that he ranked in the top 10% in the class. Unlike most of his peers, who gained knowledge merely from school lecturing, Mr. Doe has spent a great amount of effort and time on reading advanced articles and textbooks and therefore has developed a firm grasp of this subject. I am of the opinion that my class has provided Mr. Doe with a solid basic background in electronics and circuits analysis, which is valuable to his academic pursuit in computer science.

  An open-minded individual who never let go any learning opportunity and is always willing to share with people his own opinions and ideas, Mr. Doe, often came to me discussing various questions and problems he encountered during his studies. I was pleased to learn of his strong interest in electronic related subjects and the most up-to-date advancement in this field. His diligence and commitment to coursework has left a deep impression on me. I have, without any doubt, come to consider him to be a highly promising student. With the intelligence and persistence that Mr. Doe has displayed, he will have no difficulty in succeeding in any academic environment and continue to perform outstandingly in your graduate school.

  In general, I consider Mr. Doe a highly promising applicant to the master degree program in his proposed field. I have the least reservation on his potential to succeed in his future educational as well as professional pursuits. I give him my highest recommendation.

  Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Should you wish to discuss anything pertaining to his application, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  Best regards

  Yours sincerely,


英文专业求职信 篇6

  the respect manager:

  hello!!!!! thank you for taking your time to take the time to read my resume, give me a chance to work in their love, and here i wish to extend to a professional photographer true colors accept your selection.

  i red c, in october 1998 and started to fanaticism fever contact photography, during the university studied independently the

  photography course and related art course, after the graduation, had to beijing for photography, to become a good professional

  photographer. duonian to diligently study photography technology, in constant work, study, summarizing, technology mature gradually, with the professional accomplishment, comprehensive and exquisite

  photography technology. the rich work experience, to engage in

  professional photography eight years, guangzhou office has a network technology co., ltd., guangzhou a us remote service co., ltd., a visual image kaiping design co., ltd., guangzhou some packaging design co., ltd. of guangdong province, meizhou city such as a

  wedding photography world photography and design company (because of the work of the factors, said the inconvenience excuse me!) , the shooting range, sanitary ware, hardware, food plastic products,

  industrial exteriors, construction, household, jewelry, and cosmetics, clothing accessories, portrait, etc. good at commercial photography and related fields and photography. hardworking and honest,

  industrious, for the perfect image to make unremitting efforts! i am an honest steady, extremely patient, innovative spirit, in the work, as a professional photographer, i often strict with himself: understanding the customers, the designer's intentions, in line with

  "professional, dedicated, and work" principle, with meticulous

  professionalism and pursuit of the perfect persistence, the greatest degree of the products unique charm dug out, let the business value of the products get maximum protruding shows, to provide customers with the best quality, the most suitable for need photos. zoellick, carefully shooting each photo, photo quality common got designers, customer high praise.

  duonian work, tired of the move, i always expect to find a good development space, safe working environment, can exhibit director. jian case sound, the sound of the period. very look forward to further interview with you. photography works please refer to my blog!!!!! thank you!

英文专业求职信 篇7

  Dear ** HR:

  I'm writing this letter to apply for the position that your company released recently.

  I graduated from xxxx学院. My major is Accouting, and I triumphantly got some professional certificates about my major such as Abacus Certificate, the Certificate of Accouting Professional, the Qualification Certificate of Accounting Computerization and the Certificate of Assistant Accountant.

  In general, I am very optimistic, imaginative hardy and dutiful. Especially my organizing ability and cooperative ability, I believe I can take many benefits to my employer.

  I do want to be one member of your company. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  Sincerely yours,

  Micheal Jackson