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  1、Our beloved teacher, you are the spring shower that moistens our hearts、The love and care you have given us will ncourage us to go through a long and arduous journey.亲爱的老师,您就象那春天的细雨,滋润着我们的心田。您给予我们的爱和关怀将鼓舞着我们走过艰难困苦。

  2、You have been a qualified teachers and even better friend、Thank you for all that you have done.您不仅是一位合格的教师,更是一位好朋友,谢谢您所做的一切。

  3、Wishing you a happy Teacher"s Day.祝您有个愉快的教师节。

  4、We all pitched to buy this gift、We are all grateful to you、Without your unselfish dedication could we achieve no uccess today.这是我们买给您的礼物,谢谢您,老师。没有您无私的奉献,就不会有我们今天的成功 。

  5、It is the most appropriate time to show you our thanks.现在是向您表达感激之情最为恰当的时刻。

  6、I am truly grateful to you for what you have done.我深深地感激您所做的一切。

  7、The man who can make hard things easy is the educator.能使艰难之事变得容易的人是教育者。

  8、It"s your day, Teacher、Have a great day!老师,这是属於您的日子,祝您愉快。

  9、Teacher, who educate children, deserve more honor than parents, who merely gave them birth; for the latter provided more life, while the former ensure a good life.教育儿童的教师应当享有比父母更多的荣誉,父母只给孩子生命,而教师则创造了一个完善的生命。

  10、This is Teachers' Day and a time to be grateful to all teachers、This profession deserves the special recognition and pect、There is no more appropriate time than this to honour you and others in your chosen field、You have my eternal gratefulness、Have a happy Teachers' Day.时逢教师节,是向所有教师表达谢意的日子。这个职业值得受到特别的重视和尊重。此刻是向您及您的同行们致敬的最佳时机。我永远感激您。祝节日快乐!

  11、for all the great things you say and do the best teacher’s award goes to you.因为您的身教言教,颁给您最佳教师奖。

  12、My sincere thanks to you for being my child's teacher.衷心感谢您,我孩子的恩师。

  13、The best way to learn is to learn from the best.名师出高徒。

  14、Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.教育不是灌满一桶水,而是点燃一团生命 的火焰。

  15、A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.一个教师对人的影响是永恒的。

  16、Thank you for making learning not a dull thing but a great joy.感谢您使我们把枯燥的学习 变成了巨大的乐趣。

  17、Dear teacher, thank you for illuminating my voyage of life with your own light of life、My grateful sentiments come from the bottom of my heart.老师,感谢您用自己的生命之光,照亮了我人生的旅途,对您我满怀感谢之情。

  18、Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day.在这特别的日子谨向您致以我们永恒的感激之情。

  19、The whole secret of the teacher's force lies in the conviction that men are convertible.教师力量的全部秘密,就在于深信人是可以改变的。

  20、You are like a third parent、We all love you and respect you.(www.fwsir.com)您就象我们的家长,我们都敬爱您。

  21、Happy Teachers' day!教师节快乐!

  22、A sweet and lovely gift to my favorite teacher.献上一份甜蜜又可爱的礼物给我最敬爱的老师。

  23、Thanks for being such a great teacher. Happy Teacher"s Day.您真的是一个好老师,谢谢您,祝教师节愉快。

  24、We all like having you as our teacher、You have our respect and gratefulness.我们喜欢您做我们的老师,我们尊敬您、感激您。

  25、As parents we recognize the value of you in our child's development、Thank you for what you have done.作为父母,我们深知您在我们孩子成长道路中的重要。谢谢您所做的一切。

  26、No one deserves a bigger thank you than you、One day is hardly enough to show our gratitude.没有人比您更值得如此深厚的谢意。仅这一天远不足以表达我们对您的感激之情。

  27、Thanks for being an inspiring teacher.老师,谢谢您的启发。

  28、To Sir, With Love.老师,我们敬爱您。

  29、I wish to express my thanks to you for instructing my child.谢谢您对我孩子的教诲。

  30、My heartfelt thanks to you, dear teacher、On the voyage of life, you have kindled the light of hope for me、What you have done enriches my mind and broadens my view、On this day I honour you sincerely.亲爱的老师,向您表达我最衷心的感谢。在人生旅途上,您为我点燃了希望之光,您所做的一切润泽了我的心灵,开阔了我的视野。今天我向您致以崇高的敬意。

  31、One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen.一个好教师具有化腐朽为神奇的力量。

  32、We wish to show our gratitude and thanks with a small gift、Happy Teacher's Day!我们送您一件小礼物,以表我们对您的感激之情。教师节愉快!

  33、You are a special person in our life.We all love you, Sir!你是我们生命中很特别的一个人,老师,我们都敬爱您 。

  34、The primary purpose of education is not to teach you to earn your bread, but to make every mouthful sweet.教育最主要的目的,不是教你懂得如何谋生,而是使每个人生活得更香甜。

  35、What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.教育之于灵魂,犹如雕刻之于大理石。

  36、Five starts for my best teacher.老师,颁给你五颗星的奖( 最佳老师)

  37、This small gift is only a tiny token of our gratefulness、We all want to thank you.这件小小的礼物略表我们的感激之情。我们大家都很感谢您。

  38、My child speaks highly of you、Thank you very much.我的孩子很崇敬您。谢谢。

  39、You are not only a good teacher but our close friend、Thank you for helping us make something of our lives.您不仅是一位好老师,也是我们亲密的朋友,谢谢您帮助我们奋发有为。

  40、Warm thoughts of love and regards to our loving teachers.对敬爱的老师献上我们的爱与关怀。

  41、You taught me to aim for success and to accept failure with courage.Happy Teacher"s Day.您教导我们追求成功并有勇气接受失败。祝教师节快乐!

  42、Hearty wishes on Teacher"s Day.在教师节的这一天,衷心的祝福您。

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