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  Good afternoon, all the teachers, parents and above all, graduates of 2016!


  Several days ago, I shared some old photos in our class WeChat group. When I look at those photos, old memories keep flashing back. Military training, sports meeting, drama festival, chorus competition, MUN, Harvard Debate, birthday celebration… I still remember you skipped the lunch for the rehearsal of drama, and some of you stayed up the whole night to prepare the MUN. I believe these scenes will linger in your memories.


  The past three years have also witnessed your growth. Our girls who used to have baby-fat have grown into graceful ladies. Our boys have now grown into gentle but strong men. For the first time you planned and prepared the whole graduation trip on your own; you held solo concerts; you successfully ran the Ning Café。 You did so many amazing things which my generation can never have imagined.


  Life is like an ongoing train that will not return. This train has passed Ningwai. Though you cannot stay in the beautiful past, you can decide where to sit, how you sit and the way you view the scenery. Some people get used to sitting in the same place, looking at the same scenery, as it’s safe and easy to stay within one’s comfort zone. Studying abroad is challenging but it also offers you an opportunity to explore and experience something different.


  Staying in the comfort zone certainly is a much easier way to follow. You can choose to spend time staying at your dormitory, playing computer games or idling in the virtual world, chatting with your friends, browsing WeChat or Facebook as nobody will monitor you anymore. But you can also choose to push yourself much harder and to lead a more active way of life. Spend time exploring different fields you are interested, meeting different people, doing voluntary jobs. Only through practice, may you find what you love and what kind of person you would like to be.


  About two weeks ago, a student named He Jiang, who is from a rural village from Hunan Province of China suddenly becomes famous because of his commencement speech at Harvard Graduation ceremony. It is a special honor because it is the first time a student from mainland China has got such an opportunity. When He Jiang reflects on his own experience, he admitted that he used to lack confidence in his first year at Harvard. Because he is from rural area of China, his English is not proficient. In his second year, he decided to make some change. He applied to be a personal tutor for undergraduates at Harvard; although feeling embarrassed, he joined in local students’ talking in school’s café with his not so fluent English and he applied to be a candidate speaker for Harvard Graduation Ceremony.


  His achievements do not come easily. It is a result of constant challenges and endeavors to go beyond his limits. So please welcome changes, step out of your comfort zone and face challenges. This is the first thing I want to share with you.


  Life is not always smooth. Instead, it is full of ups and downs. On the way, you will see breathtaking sceneries; you will gain friendship and intimate love; but you may also experience confusion, frustration, loneliness and helplessness. You will taste the sweetness and bitterness of life along the journey. Don’t be afraid to fail. Whether you fear it or not, disappointment will come. The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.When you meet difficulties, I hope you can make every effort to change what you can change; be grateful to accept what you cannot change; and be able to distinguish the differences between these two. This is the second thing I want you to remember.


  During the journey of life, people come and go at each stop. We have classmates, friends, teachers and parents. However, each of us can only accompany you temporarily and give you a limited help. You will meet new people there, and I hope you can be generous to help those in need, as what you have received from others. This will empower you and make you feel connected and happy. As Winston Churchill once said, "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give". This sentence is the third thing I want you to keep in mind.


  When studying abroad, you will meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. I hope you can be open-minded, to embrace diverse cultures, to think in new ways, and most importantly, to respect and appreciate the diversity. When you go to university, I hope you will spend more time listening and asking questions than judging and comparing.


  Finally, though I have much more to say to you, life is in your hand and you have to experience it by yourself. You are the author of yourself. Build yourself a great story.


  Thank you and good luck!


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