a happy day

时间: 2007-06-12 栏目: 初中英语作文

As usual, I got up at six in the morning today. I am an early bird because it says "the birds get up early can catch worm", well, I wasn't going to catch "worm", even not the one in my computer, haha, they were actually some viruses in my computers, I guess it's because I use pirated software all the time. Anyway, I did exercises and then studied for a while just like before, but I got one more special thing to do today: shopping. you know what? today is Saturday, it means I don't have school. Yep!!!! I am so happy!!!!!

the next thing happens made me happier today was when I went out shopping with my friends, a person looks someone who was just travlling here ask me for direction. I told him the direction but it seems he didn't get it, so I decided to walk with him to the place he wanted to go to. and finally, we found the place yep!!! I am so happy!!!!

and then, after I helped him, I met a beggar, he asked me for 2 dollars to buy food, what? I have only 3 dollar, so I gave him 1.5. I was so kind. Yep!!! I am so happy!!!!!

what a happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!