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keep healthy初二作文带翻译


  keep healthy初二作文带翻译

  1keep healthy

  As the development of the society, health is becoming more and more important in our daily life.

  As the saying goes, you're what you eat. So to eat the right thing in the right way is the key to keep healthy. Most fruit and vegetables are healthy food and we should eat more. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

  Sleeping is another important thing to keep healthy. Without enough sleeping the body couldn't have good rest and get in good spirit.

  Some exercise will help us get off unnecessary fat and make us stronger. At the same time, we heve fun in the sports and happiness will also bring us health.

  I hope everyone could keep healthy and lead a happy life.






  2How to keep healthy

  Health is very important for everyone,for once it is lost ,it can hardly come back. Since health is so important ,how can we keep healthy ?

  In my opinion,Firstly,we should have a good eating habit. We should eat more fruits and vegetables .and we should never eat some junk food such as fried chicken .secondly,we should take more exercise after class.we can run,play basketball ,go swimming and so on. Thirdly, we should get up early and go to bed early ,we shouldn't stay up too late at night.

  If we do as what is mentioned above,I'm sure we can have a strong body.




  3Keep Healthy

  Health has become a very important part of our life,and there are many ways to keep heathy.

  First,you can eat more fruit and vegetables,and you'd better drink more warn water.Next,you have to do lots of exercise.And having at least 8 hours sleep a night.Remember,don't drink coffe or tea before you go to bed,don't eat too much sugar and don't work or study too late,it will make you too tired.

  If you care about yourself, it's easy to have a healthy lifestyle.




  4Keep Healthy

  Keep healthy is very important to us. But how to keep healthy is a problem.

  As we know, food gives us energy. So first, we must have enough food everyday. And we must also have the right kinds of food. We should eat fresh fruit and vegetables but less meat. We shouldn't eat bad food or drink sour milk. Because they are bad for our body. We should keep the air clean and fresh and keep our bodies clean.

  The second, we should do more exersise. We can play basketball, soccer and volleyball or swim and skate. Swimming is good for our lungs. Walking is good for our legs, heart, and lungs.So we must do more exersise.

  Now, do you know how to keep healthy? Let's keep our body healthy!





  5Keep Healthy

  A lot of people, when they come to college, don't realize how bad their diets are until they start gaining the infamous "freshman 15".

  Here are a few steps anyone can follow to stay or become more healthy.But it takes you just a few seconds to know something, maybe so useful. Years ago people said health is just not being ill. But nowadays it has an other definition.

  "Being healthy" is more than just not being ill. It has many parts as body health and mental health. Mental health is just as important as physical health.




  6Keep Healthy

  Health is very important to everyone.

  nowadays,everyone is more concern about money than their health.They are working-hard and have no enough time to sleep let alone to do some exercise.

  In my eyes,we should build up an right attiude of keepping fit.Every weekends,we can have some gentle sports.For example:Along with jogging(健身慢跑)and swimming,cycling is one of the best all-round rooms of exercise.It can heip to increase your strength and energy,giving you more efficient muscles and a strong heat. Eatting balance also takes an important part, Generally speaking,people should pay more attentions of health.




  7How to keep healthy

  Each of us should stay healthy, which is the foundation of our activities. Here are some ways to stay healthy.

  First, we should spend one to two hours a day in regular exercise; try to walk instead of ride. Second, we should eat some healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and so on. They are able to help us maintain a healthy body. When we are in trouble, try to relax our mood, listen to the soft music. It also enables us to maintain a good health. Finally there is a good sleep can also assure us a healthy body. We should sleep seven to eight hours a day to maintain adequate sleep. If we can do follow these advice, I believe we can have a healthy body, a better life.



  8The Way to Keep Healthy

  It's important for us to be healthy all our life. We can't study or work well without healthy body.

  There're many ways to keep healthy. First of all, we should keep taking exercises every day. We can walk to school instead of taking a bus. After school, we can spend an hour playing ball games. If we live in a high-rise, we can walk upstairs or downstairs. Second, we should have a balanced diet. Finally, we must remember: Early to bed, early to rise is the way to keep healthy, wealthy and wise.



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