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  The cartoon aims at informing us of the significance of cooperation. Definitely, no once can deny the importance of it. Being patient enables us to achieve our objectives more smoothly and realize our dreams more rapidly. Those who have the patience to do little things perfectly and keep optimistic in desperate situations are more likely to recognize themselves profoundly, discover their shortcomings and space to make progress and thus eventually seize the opportunity. To further illustrate the importance of being patient, I would like to take Thomas Edison as a case in point: how could he, one of the greatest inventor throughout the history of mankind who experienced numerous unsuccessful attempts, invent the first electric lamp without patience and persistence ?

  Accordingly, at no time should we underestimate the power of patience. Furthermore, when coming with setbacks and bottlenecks, instead of giving up easily, what we must do is to accumulate experience, enhance abilities and wait for the appearance of opportunities. “Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.” Friedrich Schiller, German dramatist and poet, also once said.


  On the patient, I think people will learn to be patient as long as the Society has many, if a person will not have the patience, then he would come to naught, life can be seen that with patience, it would be happy, all the problems immediately.


  In our daily life, we need patience in many ways. When our friend is down, we need patience to talk with him and cheer him up. When our students can't work out a problem, the teacher needs patience to help them. When the children are naughty, their mother needs patience to tell them not to be naughty. When we write an article, we need patience to look for sources and think up good ideas. So patience plays an important part in our life. No one can live without it.


  My mother was very patient: she was to help me with my homework, in the face of a point I always do my homework slowly is not annoying, but patiently to me: come on. She was doing the housework, housework is not idle, but patiently to continue to do the housework. Her students face doubts in the class, always patiently answer the students.



  In the face of success, to have enough patience.


  Patience and perseverance will get paid.


  Education need more patience, patience to show love.


  Patience is the basis of all intellect and wisdom.


  Patient man, can get what he wanted.


  Be patient, time will make everything clear.


  As long as you are patient, there is always a chance of success.


  Who don't have the patience, there is no wisdom.


  Patience always meet sunny.


  Some things, we need to spend our lives in patience.


  Man must have patience, especially confidence.


  The patience of the holy light may be infinite, but I'm not.


  Can the patience to listen to, is a reliable person.


  What we need, may just wait.


  I wait patiently, he appeared on the grass in the distance.


  People of all abilities is the mixture of patience and time.


  Don't challenge my patience, because I don't have the patience.


  Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.


  Not time too tolerant to me, but I have patience in time.


  Whoever, if lost patience, lost soul.


  Have the patience to continue to stop that now, impatient want to end it early.


  Decision problem, need wisdom, need patience to carry out.


  If you can be patient for the rude person, this is the standard for testing good manners.


  Courage to bear all the burden; For the most part people's patience is able to bear the pain.


  As long as I can eventually reach own purpose, I would have exceptional patience.


  While I have the patience to you don't show off in an ostentatious manner, when the day I patience runs out you won't be better.


  Some road looks very nearly went far away, a lack of patience will never go to an end.


  Not impatient, but the man who can let me have the patience to never is you!


  Who says I have no patience? Clearly the most patient with me is my own.


  Single means you strong enough, enough patience to wait for the worth having you.


  When the time and patience has become luxury, we can understand each other through the constellation.

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