Should Women Return to the Kitchen?

时间: 2007-06-12 栏目: 中考英语作文

  写作题目:Should Women Return to the Kitchen?

  Directions: For this part you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic Should Women Return to the Kitchen? You should write no less than 150 words and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:





  The traditional belief is that a woman's place is the home and that a woman ought not to go out to work after marriage. Now once again we hear such words.

  People hold the view base their argument on the two assumptions. First, since jobs now are scarce and unemployment rates higher, if women returned to the kitchen, there would be more jobs available to men. Second, the majority of female workers earn a little, only one-fifth of their male counterparts, who may earn a little more if their wives stay at home devoted wholly to children and housework. But they fail to notice that deprived of work, most women will suffer unspeakable boredom and misery. For most women, work is not only a means of earning a living, but more important, the focus of their lives and the source of satisfaction, and the absence of work tends to exert a harmful effect on their psychological well-being. Furthermore, withdraw from employment to complete domesticity means the loss of certain social status that women have now enjoyed after many years of struggle. It should be recognized that the current frequent occurrences of brutality, desertion and divorce are to some extent attributed to the fact they have no say in the matter of finance.

  No, women should not return to the kitchen, for we cannot afford to waste the wealth of their talent in their contribution to waste the wealth of their talent in their contribution to society and to risk losing the social status they should have.