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  The world is not only hungry but also thirsty. However, some people are still reluctant to turn a finger to save water. Some people dont turn a tap after use, while others even pollute clean water and make the situation worse. The severe drought in the southwest China once again pushes the issue of water-saving under hot discussion.


  However, as things stand today, the reasonable utilization of water resource is more significant than before. Firstly water consumption is soaring. The quick development of commerce and industry will consume more water for their reproduction. Whats more, the great increasing of the world population also further aggravates the situation. Secoodly, due to the more and more serious water pollution, the supply of clean water fails to meet the demand.


  As a college student, not only will I save water by myself, but also I will attend different kinds of activities on water-saving. On the one haod, I will make the best of water instead of throwing clean water away at instant. On the other haod, I will call on my friends to save water and protect water. Anyway, many a little makes a mickle.


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  Due to its highquality and original tastes, green food appeals to more consumers. From supermmarkets to chain stores, green food is found everywhere.


  Why is green food so popular even though its price is usually higher than other food? On the one hand, recently a series of issues on food safety makes customers disturbed and anxious. In order to have the reliable food, more housewives opt to select green food for their family. Green food has been labeled as a kind of healthy, delicious and fashionable food. This is perhaps the most important reason for the popularity of green food. On the other haod, with the advance in living standard, people will pay more attention to the quality of food and their raised income is enough to cover the expenditure of food with a comparatively high price.


  With the development of the society, green food is certainly to hold a larger portion in the market. In the near future, people will be accustomed to enjoy the fresh vegetable, fruits and cereals without pesticide residues, artificial feed and contarnination.


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  Its no doubt that university campuses will produce a large amount of rubbish every day, however, there are fewer college students paying attention to its classification.


  Factually waste separation is vital to create an environment-friendly campus. Firstly, waste separation does great contribution to the environmental protection. Since some of waste is recyclable, while other is unrecyclable, if all the students could voluntarily differentiate recyclable rubbish from unrecyclable rubbish, the risk of the environmental pollution will be greatly reduced. Secondly, waste separation could save a lot of energy and tirne on its processing.


  With the rapid increase in the amount of rubbish at the campus, rubbish classmification does not permit of any delay. On the one hand, as the well-educated people, college students should act as hosts of the universities and separate waste from this moment in their daily life. On the other hand, university authorities should strengthen students awareness of environmental protection and guide students to separate waste in a reasonable way.


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  The generation gap is unavoidable in almost every family, which brings about a number of conflicts in a family. In my opinion, to limit the bad effects of the generation gap, each family should use the following three methods:


  First of all, it is important that family members discuss openly about their pleasuresor sadness in childhood in family gatherings. This activity does not only create a close relationship but also help build up understanding among all members. For instance, once children are aware that their grandparents and even their parents did not have a good upbringing during their hard childhood, they will stop complaining about the previous generations’ obsoleteness. In the meantime, once old people realize young people are nurtured in a new modern way, it is easy for them to be tolerant of young people’s new habits or hobbies.


  Secondly, people of each generation should not develop a very high feeling about themselves. In order to do that, they should not think that they are the only right people in their family because each person has his or her own limitations. Teenagerswould realize that their parents have to struggle with pain to support them financially, and they would stop rebelling their strictness. Parents would realize that their children’s new style does no harm to their studies and stop imposing their own unsuitable standards on their children.


  Finally, the generation gap and its bad effects can be limited if all memberscooperate to build up a close-knit family relationship and a harmonious atmosphere in which they are open and tolerant of each other. I strongly believe that each family, by doing that, can enjoy a cozy atmosphere with minimum interference by the generation gap.


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  Money is regarded by some people as the most important thing in life. For those people,a man with plenty of money can live happily.So in their eyes,money is the main goal oftheir life.


  But money cannot buy everything.For instance,no matter how much money one has,he cannot buy good health,which is essential to a good life. Neither can it buy happiness or friendship.Thus,although money is useful in many ways,there are still a lot of things in the world that can not be bought with money.


  There are people who obtain money by gamnbling,cheating or other dishonest means.Sooner or later,they will be punished by the law. Therefore,money will bring them nothing but rnisery.Only when money is obtained through working can it make people really happy.


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  With the development of the society, people pay more concern on whether choose a high-paying job with long hours or a low-paying job with short hours. There are different opinions on it, and the tohttps://p.9136.com/0pe more and more conspicuous.


  Every coin has two sides. The two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I support that a high-paying job with long hours is better. One of the reasons is that I am a workaholic, a high-paying job with long hours can afford more opportunities to make great progress to challenge myself, and the success will satisfy my sense of achievement to a great extent. And what I want to emphasize is that this is an economic society which requires me to see the reality clearly. A high-paying job means a high position in the society, so I can get more respect and admiration from others. I should also take on the responsibility of providing a better life for my family, such as a big house, a private car, plenty of food, beautiful clothes, the best education and medical treatments and so on. What’s more, in the long run, with a high paying-job, I’ll save up much money for the life in the future, in other words, even though I retire in old age, I can still give my family an easy life. Last but not least, we are young now, if we don’t work hard, what do we live for when we get old in the future?


  In short, when we are young and strong, working hard is the best choice. Cheer up! Come on!


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  Nowadays, can we find a person who has not experienced online shopping? Definitely not. Online shopping is coming into fashion in most of cities due to the rapid development of internet technology.


  Online shopping is welcomed by most people due to various reasons. From the perspective of consumer, it can save some time for people who don’t have much spare time. Just click the mouse, they can get whatever they want while staying at home. For the retailers, it can cut some costs for those who don’t have much circulating funds. They don’t have to rent a house and spend money on employees compared with the traditional trade mode. However, there are still some defects in online shopping. First, face to face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. Second, people will lose the fun of bargain.


  It is undeniable that shopping on the internet has become an irresistible trend in modern society. It’s of great urgency that we need to regulate the relative laws in accordance with the rapid growth of online shopping. Only in this way can we enjoy the pleasure and convenience of online shopping without the concern of being treated.


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  With the development of IT, online chatting is becoming increasingly popular with many people.


  However, people’s opinions about it vary from person to person. Some think that it has more problems than benefits. First, it is a waste of time, energy and money as it doesn’t produce any useful information and products. Second, it is misleading to its users because cyberspace is actually an imaginary space where things are unreal or fictional.

  然而,人们对它的看法因人而异。 有些人认为它的问题多于好处。 首先,这是浪费时间、精力和金钱,因为它不会产生任何有用的信息和产品。 其次,它会误导用户,因为网络空间实际上是一个虚构的空间,其中的事物是不真实的或虚构的。

  But the advocates of online chatting support it because it is another way of recreation which is both exciting and relaxing. Besides, it helps them release their emotions and worries freely and safely. To them, it is very useful and wonderful.

  但在线聊天的倡导者支持它,因为它是另一种既令人兴奋又放松的娱乐方式。 此外,它还可以帮助他们自由安全地释放情绪和担忧。 对他们来说,这是非常有用和美妙的。

  As far as I am concerned, whether online chatting is good or bad depends on the person who does it.