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我的大学英语作文 篇1

  Memories of My Mother

  "long, long ago, there was an island in the distant sea,where lived a fairy who was said be able to make a child lovely and bright. one day, ..." as the story went on, mumps voice grew fainter and fainter, when she gently looked down at me.then a melodious song came into my ear as if music made by the angels flying in the faraway sky. gradually, moms smile dimmed, and her glittering eyes were just like the brightest stars on the dark blue curtain of night...

  countless nights had passed in this way during my infancy. in my naive heart, mothers voice was deeper and softer than the nightingale. even now i still remember quite clearly that cradlesong she used to sing before i fell asleep. those old melodies still sound so good to me, as they melt the years away.to me, mothers companionship was the most important thing in my childhood.

  mother is an incurable romantic, passionately in love with life and with the mystery of the universe. she taught me to open up all the channels of my senses to touch and feel what lies all a round me, and discovered with me the beauty of nature, the joy,ecitement and mystery of the new and the unknown. she is quite at home in literature because of her active and imaginative mind. every new eperience, every new discovery concerning the world could delight her.

  i went off to college, but mum is still always in my memory. i could hear her voice every time i fell short in anything.from breast to cradle to reassuring hug, mum has shared all the happiness and depression of mine. however, she never epressed herself. upon my entry into university, when she and father were going back home, she hurriedly turned back to run along, even without a look at me. i knew she dared not, for fear that tears should fall down in my presence. this separation would last nearly five months during which she could not see me. she was just trying to stop me from seeing her crying. i was refraining myself, too, because the long time living with her had made me an eact person like her. later, father told me she kept wiping her eyes on the bus to the railway station. i knew that, because i love you, mum, and you already knew that too.

我的大学英语作文 篇2

  It was a hot summer season, although it is autumn, but do not feel the autumn chill. . I am full of longing for life on college students, set foot on the train to the land of dreams, and began learning a new career. However, this is the first time, a father with me, travel is no longer lonely fear, only a heart filled with longing!

  Different with high school, college students not binding, more slack, usually very little academic day, only just started coming, freshman management is also more stringent, to the earlier study up, despite how reluctant we do not, can still obediently toe the line, from not absent. In those days, now think about it, actually feel quite sweet, quite happy.

  Life is very monotonous, one of four quarters, because I was late, to coincide with school dormitory nervous, so on and live with sister school senior, and this for me, there is no inappropriate, just and classmates from the less, and not so often, I temper this relatively cool, fun loving though, is particularly practical, lack of vitality and passion college.

我的大学英语作文 篇3

  My College 我的大学

  When I was in high school, go to college ismy dream. Now I realize my dream. excited as I am, the first time I see my college.


  My college is inside the biggest university of Guangxi so that everytime I have to across a big campus to go out. At first Iam upset about that, but later on I get used to it. My college looks modernization in general. When I arrive at the school gate, the first thing is the boys’ dormitory and then is the playground. Look up! I see the canteen. I see the girls’ dormitory turn left. But where is my classroom? I look around but can’t find it. It turns out that it is separated by burrows. It’s strange,right? While I go across the burrow, I see another two big playgrounds and a tenniscourt at my left side. What is in my right side? Turn right, I see rows of teaching building connecting with the library. This is my college. I like it notonly because of the evironment but also the people there.


  Both the teachers and students there are very nice. My roomates always help me in the daily life, the thing they usually do is wake me up in the morning. Other classmates always help me, when I meet trouble in study. My teachers are all kind and knowlegeable. Especially my head teacher, he talks with us and plays sports with us in order to make us get used to the new life.


  My college is wonderful. I love it. If you have the opportunity, I hope you can pay a visit one day.


  工作对生活的重要性 Work Is Important in Our Life

  These days I have beenleisure but bored after finishing the final exam. In fact, I really don’t likethe way I have lived in these days, because I feel like a foolish that can'tfind my values and have to be supported by others. That made me crazy.Therefore, I consider that people should find and achieve their values in lives,especially female. Obviously, work is an important way to achieve our values.However, why is work important in our life?

  期末考试过后的这几天我很闲但是也很无聊。事实上,我真的不喜欢这几天的.这种生活方式,因为我感觉像个傻子一样找不到我的价值而要靠别人养活。这使我疯掉了。所以,我认为人应该找到并实现自己的生活价值,特别是女性。很明显,工作是 实现我们价值的重要方式。但是,为什么工作在我们的生活中如此重要呢?

  Firstly, work isthe only way for us to satisfy our basic needs. In order to get food, clothesand other living conditions to live happily, we have to work hard. In thisaspect, work is a natural responsibility for us, for our families. But usually,those who just consider work as a kind of responsibility regard work as a heavyburden in their life and they will feel really tired after a period of time,even some of which will choose to renounce the responsibility they have.Therefore, workmust have other positive meanings in deeper respect.


  In addition, I strongly feel inthese days that work is an important way to achieve ourselves. Just as Maslowsays that human has five needs: physiological needs, safety needs, love andbelonging, esteem, self-actualization and self-transcendence. In my opinion,work is relative to the higher hierarchy of needs. We always need to achieveour value and worth to gain esteem or recognition from others by some ways,especially by work. I think it is easyto appear in the younger those who have some mature thoughts, so that mostteenagers will try their best to get rid of their parents’ care to make a livingby themselves. In this aspect, working is not only a way to make a living, butalso a way for us to achieve ourselves. In other words, working can bring satisfactionto us in spiritual.


  In a word, work isimportant in our life. No matter what kind of occupation we pursue, we shouldtry our best. As an adult, without work, you would be bored, and even decadent.


  An Excellent School Art Festival 精彩的学校艺术节

  Our school art festival is held once a year. I think this year’s was excellent because a lot of students and teachers took part in it. At first, the students of Class1 Grade6 danced the Gangnam Style. How wonderful they were! Then, English teachers had an English Choir. How good they were! I liked these two programs. Finally the students of Class3 Grade7 sang pop songs. They sang so wonderfully! At last they won the first prize.


我的大学英语作文 篇4

  Everyone may have his own dream. Someone may want to be rich, someone may want to be the beautiful, and someone may want to have power. But I’m different from them. My dream is special. I want to have a pair of wings. Because I want to fly in the sky,I like the feeling of freedom.

  If I have a pair of the wings,I’m sure it will be very wonderful. I can fly the below the blue sky with the birds. I can enjoy the music of birds’. I can fly across the cloud and the small wind will blow past my face. The feeling must be the same as that my mother caresses me.

  I can fly over the sea, below the rainbow, through the forest I can see all the wonderful view. But I know that it will never be uteri have another instead. I want to have a fly of my own. The plane must be very small and light. It has to carry only one person. It can fly by wind or sunshine. It can fly for a very long time. And the important thing is that it must be very save.

  I’m sure I can have this plane some day. And I can have fly to everywhere I want.

我的大学英语作文 篇5


  Perhaps, our childhood being taught scientists equal to anything thought, then the child most want to be a scientist, but I am the one of the few. Want to be a teacher is not affected by the mother, but a teacher in the kindergarten is not good for me, I told her of his “ no pain, “ she felt like "Snow White" in the evil queen, so determined to be a good teacher, never bully kids.


  On the primary school, many on the computer, I heard people in the game leveling can make money, 100 level better can sell six hundred or seven hundred, the wild with joy. Decide to be a POPO, you can stay at home, work day and night, it's really beautiful! Looking back now, I don't think it's possible. Kids are more developed, intelligent, and I'm just a newbie.


  In junior high school, the contact with extra-curricular books more, including comics, novels, and I also have some art, thinking more open, quite an editor. However, once I wrote a composition. At the beginning, I wrote: "“ legend is that the father is a daughter's lover in past life; … … ” and he is crowned with “ bad ”". I vaguely feel that this sentence appearance is the beginning of a full composition of the entrance exam, ah, my little heart was cast a shadow.


  When I was in high school, there was a candy shop on the street in eleven. The room was full of candy. Also want to open a home, and then prepare a notebook, write down those who go to the store to buy things, the story of friendship, affection, love. And then to contribute, just happy death. Now think about it. Do you think you can really support yourself?


  To go to college, want to open a department store, into a brand shop, opened a chain store. Three times a week to go to the company, other times nest at home, as free cartoonist, writer, online, playing games. Well, daydreaming.


  Maybe none of these dreams will come true. Then I became an ordinary citizen, shuttling among the crowd and quickly being overwhelmed by the crowd. But in any case, I will not forget these beautiful dreams, because they are always accompanied by my growth, and now I am still working hard. By the time I graduate next year, I'll go to the Golden Dragon Award with my wonderful memories. Maybe I'll be famous overnight. Maybe I'm still an art lover, but none of this is important anymore.

我的大学英语作文 篇6

  the olympic games and i

  the year of is getting closer and closer to us. we need to take actions from now on to prepare for the game. what we need to do most is to work on our disadvantages and shortcomings. as a student of senior high, i can do my own part. although i cant transform our city into more a beautiful place on my own, i can help beijing in small ways and encourage our classmates and people around me to follow my lead.

  let me take the environment for eample, the atmosphere around beijing is quite disappointing, factories and cars keep giving off ehausts into the air, we can hardly see the blue sky with our naked eyes, because the sky is covered with a thick layer of harmful substances. the sky is gray instead of blue. to our delight, the government has passed some laws of protecting the air, and we can do something useful, too. for eample, whenever we go out for a long distance, ride the bike or take the buses and subways instead of tais. you may not have a clue how it works. of course doing that only by one person is far from enough, but we can let more people do that together. in that case the result may be more than we bargained for.

  another thing we need to work on is our english skills. teachers and parents often put great emphasis on our english skills especially listening and speaking. i want to be a volunteer in , to be an interpreter. for now, i must do something helpful to improve my spoken english. rome isnt build in a day, so is english. it cant be improved in a day or two. it takes time and energy. there are no shortcuts to improve your spoken english; the most productive way is to grab all opportunities around you to open your mouth. for instance, taking part in all kinds of english contests is a good way, you can meet some ecellent contestants, and you can share the eperience of learning and some good method of learning. i will keep participating in all english activities to polish up my english. im sure by the year of , i will be able to master english well just as my mother tongue.

  all in all, im sure that beijing olympic games will be one of the most successful games in history. i believe our long-cherished dream will be fulfilled in a perfect way!



  让我以环境为例,北京周围的大气环境比较令人失望,工厂和汽车不断地向空中排放废气,我们几乎用肉眼看不到蓝色的天空了。因为天空被一层厚厚的有害物质所覆盖, 天空成了灰色,而不是蓝色。令我们高兴的是,政府已经出台一些保护大气环境的相关法规。我们呢,也可以做一些有用的事情。比如说,每当我们要出远门的时候,骑自行车或乘坐公交车和地铁来代替出租车。你可能不知道这会有什么用。当然,只靠一个人的力量是远远不够的,但是我们可以让更多的'人一起去做。 这样的话,结果才有可能收效显著。



我的大学英语作文 篇7

  My Dream College

  There are so many world-wide-known universities in America. The world rankings of them are very high. My dream school is one of them, it’s Harvard. Harvard has continuously been the best university around the world for ten years.

  When I was a child, I had heard of Harvard. I was told that only the best scholars of the world can study in it. Ever since then, a seed had grown deeply in my heart. I wanted to go to Harvard. When I slowly grow up, the seed also grow taller and taller, stronger and stronger. Harvard is so captivating to me that I want to study in there very much.

  It has the most advanced facilities and technology, the best teachers and the smartest students in the world. A great number of presidents, leaders, successful businessmen and famous professors come out of there. Students can learn a lot in there. Not only the knowledge of textbooks, but also some methods of getting along with other people. Their ability of social skills, leadership skills and the skills of solving problems will improve a lot.

  Harvard is not a dream for me, it’s my aim. I know that only a very few Chinese students can study in that Campus. And I hope that I could be one of them. The road to Harvard is very tough, I know that I will make a lot of efforts to achieve it. But no matter what difficulties I will meet , no matter what challenges I will face, I am sure I can overcome it by trying my best. That’s for my dream.

  There is a extremely long way between me and Harvard. I need to do a lot to realize my dream.

  Specifically, there are some things that I should do. Firstly, I should recite at least fifty words a day. Secondly, I should do some listening every night. Thirdly, I should master all the knowledge of my academic lessons. Fourthly, I should make full use of every chance of quality practice to improve myself. Fifthly, I should publish some essays on known newspapers. Sixthly, I should be the best!

  If I have done all of these perfectly, I will have a chance to be glanced at by the Harvard.

  Anyway, I will do my best for my dream, for everyone who have faith in me, who support me, who try their best to help me, who love me.