Where are you

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Where are you

内容:《Where are you ?》


目的:1.词in  on  under  beside  behind



2.Banana  apple  cake  biscuit  cake  fish  box

3.bag  book  pencil-box  pencil

4.cat (头饰)


1.  Good morning boys and girls.(Good morning.)

2.  Who am I ?  (cat)

3.  Yes, I am a cat !And I am a hungry cat!

4.  I want to eat some fish .


1.  Where is it ?

Is it on the table ? (No, it isn’t.)

What is it ?(It is an apple.)

      2.  Is it under the table?(No, it isn’t.)

          What is it ? (It is a banana.)

      3.  Is it beside chair?(No, it isn’t.)

          What is it ? (It is a cake.)

      4.  Is it behind chair? (No, it isn’t.)

          What is it ? (It is a biscuit.)

5.  Where is it ?

   Is it on the paino?

   Oh, here’s a box on the paino.

   Let me take a look.

6.  Who can find it ?  Please.  Anyone?

7.  Oh,it is in this box.

8.Oh,it’s time to go to school.


1.  Where is my bag?

2.  Who wants to help me?

(It is behind the chair.)

3. Wher is my book?(It is under the chair.)

4.Where is my pencil-box?(It is on the table.)

5.Where is my pencil?(It is in the pencil-box.)

6.What a silly cat!!

7.Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you very much!


1.  Now ,let’s play a game.

2.  Who wants to try ?

3.  Listen, we are have fuor tables.And a pencil for each of table.

4.  Are you ready?(Yes ,sir.)

5.  Ok.follow the instraaction.

Put it on the chair……You last(the game)You are winner(the game)

  6.Who wants to be a teacher?Please.

  7.Once again.

Game《go go go》

1.       Last ,let’s play a game with your father and mother.

2.       stand up (找自己的爸爸和妈妈)

3.       Are you ready?(Yes,sir.)

4.       Ok, game begain.

(1)    go go go ,go go go ,stop.

(2)    Stand beside the window.

(3)    Stand behind the chair.

(4)    Stanf on the chair…………..


1.  Last,Let’s say a rhyme..

2.  Are you ready?(Yes ,sir.)

3.  Listen to the music.

4.  Left left right right ,go ,turn a round ,go go go.

On on on the head

In in in the hand

Behind behind behind the back

Under under under the chair

   5.Ok ,so much for today.Bye bye.

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