It’s not far from…

时间: 2008-08-03 栏目: 九年级英语教案

Lesson 8

Teaching aims and demands Pronunciation  /i:/ e ee ea i  /i/ i  /  / a e o er o(u)r

      Words  eighth  salesgirl far  beautiful

    Sentence  It’s not far from… Teaching  steps

Step1 Revision

1. On duty 2. Revise some words of Unit2. Step 2.  Spelling and pronunciation.    Part1 1. Get the students to listen to the tape and repeat. 2. Get the students to read (first one by one ,then together). Step 3. Stress and intonation.    Part 2 1. Have the students read the sentences after the teacher. 2. Ask the students to read .Make sure the students can use the same intonation as the teacher. Step 4. New words and expressions Show the new words and expressions flashcards. Make the students read after the teacher. (show the new words and expressions). Step 5. Presentation Ask the students What would you take with you hiking? Some food? What kind of food? Get the students to answer. Step 6.Reading.   Part 3 1. Listen to the tape once. 2. Show the flashcard (some questions about the text). 3. Listen to the tape for the second time, and then ask the students to answer the questions. 4. Get the students to read after the teacher . 5. Read by the students themselves. 6. Ask two students to read. Step 7. Listening.    Part 4 1. Show the flashcard (some questions). 2. Listen to the tape twice. 3. Check the answers with the class. Step 8. Writing.    Part 5 1. Have the students write a dialogue about their plans next week. 2. Some students read their dialogues. Step 9. Practice   Part 6  Books closed. 1. Ask Where is Huashan? (Not far from Xi’an) 2. Play the tape. 3. Have the students answer the question. 4. Books open. Play the tape and have the students read along silently to themselves. 5. Have the students practice reading in pairs. Step 10. Exercises. Show the flashcards. Get the students to fill in the blanks. Homework    Wb Exx. 4 and 7 as the homework.