Are Prizes a Good Thing?

时间: 2007-06-13 栏目: 英语作文范文

Nobody denies that competitions with prizes can bring people's initiative into full play. Encouraged by a strong desire to win a prize, one will go all out to seek his greatest success. Consequently, the best achievements will be obtained in a game with awards. However, the prompting of a prize does not always lead to desirable results. For example, a competitor who cannot overcome the temptation of a prize is likely to take a stimulant .And the hopeless competitor sees nothing but the prize, which might cause improper behavior. I my opinion, the remedy lies in moral education of competitors. This will help them to understand the slogan: "Friendship--first, and competition--second. "Then, prices will play a better part in any contest. Generally speaking, I believe that prizes are a good thing.