Help with Some Housework英语作文

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  Help with Some Housework

  Everyone should do his part in doing housework. As a middle school student, I often help my parents with some housework that I can do.

  I clean my bedroom myself. Every morning, I fold my quilt after getting up. Then, I always help to take out the rubbish when I leave home for school. I feel I am needed when I do chores, and I am glad to see the look of joy on my parents’ faces——I help with housework, so they are able to have time to do something they want to do in order to relax themselves. During the coming summer vacation, I would like to cook for them so that they will be freer. What’s more, I will do the dishes and clean the table after dinner.

  I think I will be more independent through doing chores. Also, helping with housework will make me understand the idea of fairness better. It is good for my future to help with housework now. Let’s help with some housework!  (江碧薇)

  Help with Some Housework

  Everyone does some housework at home, and so do I.

  I often help out with some housework, such as taking out the rubbish, doing the dishes after meals. I always tidy up my bedroom, and this can make me live in a clean and comfortable environment. The summer vacation is coming soon, and I plan to learn how to cook and cook for my family. I know it is difficult but I am interested in it. Because my mom is busy during the vacation, so I can help her to mop the floor, too.

  As far as I an concerned, doing some housework can teach me many important living skills. Although doing housework is a little boring, it is not only very meaningful but also very helpful.(王靖元)

  Help with Some Housework

  I often help my parents do housework at home. I can sweep the floor, do the dishes and fold the clothes.

  This summer vacation, I will make my bed and water the flowers every day. I’ll also help my mother wash the clothes. I will learn how to cook from my mother so that I will also be able to cook meals for my parents during the summer vacation.

  In my opinion, kids should help their parents with housework, because it makes kids know how tired their parents are so that kids will care for their parents. Also, doing chores on one's own is a good way to improve his independence.(景朝阳)

  Help with Some Housework

  Everyone should help with some housework at home.(范_文_先_生_网) For example, I usually sweep the floor, do the dishes, take out the rubbish and water the flowers. Doing housework helps me a lot. It is good exercise for me, and doing housework helps me understand my parents better. It is a great communication.

  During this summer vacation, I am going to learn to cook for my family. Also, I’ll do the dishes and wash the clothes. I think doing chores will help my parents a lot.

  In my opinion, doing housework makes us become independent, and it can also help us to know how to take care of ourselves. All in all, doing housework is very good for us. So let's help with some housework now!(张子晨)