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  Dear every leader, teacher:


  Good morning!

  The history of the word "youth" in han dynasty, for spring, namely the beginning of the year. Now, as a symbol of youth full of vigor and vitality, infinite passion and dreams, and unremitting struggle and enterprising, at the same time, the youth means young, fresh and unfocused, we have set up the correct world outlook, the outlook on life and values, can be in the long life journey in the right direction. One's life in a hurry decades, time flies, the youth gradually old, "mo, white young head, in vain," the old adage always linger in my heart, and time and tide wait for no man, just as a teenager, classmate should take, will be enthusiastic to your career, with selfless dedication "magic" to paint the most beautiful youth choi jin, let youth in dedication to burn out the most luminous petard.

  Doctors and teachers, the two holy and glorious career, childhood and I cannot choose the two ideal, now I want to thank fate, let I became a teacher after graduate from medical school, be able to have it both ways. When I first stood in front of the three feet platform, in the face of pairs of curious eyes, sacred sense of mission, I know "self-development, putting to reassure also" the deep meaning of han yu's "mission" in the first, is to tell us as a good teacher, first of all should pay attention to students' personality cultivation, education first and then teach, and not scripted written knowledge cramming plug it to the student. Especially as a teacher in teaching of medical courses, I keep the "department of health, life trust with" medical student oath engraved in mind, this simple eight characters, as a medical treatment of worker's responsibility to express incisively and vividly, and my job, is to develop the medical ethics and medical skill, has the sense of responsibility "three talents".

  Youth is charming, many people in the youth brilliance has composed brilliant life, 21, xin qiji in song dynasty "warriors, swallowing Wan Liru tiger" momentum dispell resistant gold; Premier zhou was written at the age of 19 gallery "river song" turn around the east ", to express the youth to liberation of the motherland determination; Comrade lei feng, 19, joined the army, for the revolution of the screw, selfless dedication, serve the people heart and soul, only 22 years, and he gave their young life. They are standing tide hero, is never falling stars, but my role model in my heart. If we have some far away their era, if they are specific historical period of the "chaotic hero", do not represent the spirit of the new age young people thought, the new situation, the era of heroes, the dalian naval academy politics professor Fang Yonggang comrade, his advanced deeds, enough to touch each and every one of us. Fang Yonggang engaged in political theory teaching and research work for a long time, for more than 20 years, he has to study the innovation theory of the communist party as a holy mission of determination, dedication, passion to work with, even terminally ill and shoulder the responsibility, don't give up his manner and character shows the power of a communist political beliefs and excellent teacher of noble realm.

  "Qian jiang shui qian jiang yue, thousands of miles without YunWanLi day", I am going to put comrade Fang Yonggang as a model of learning, clears buckish, open mind, to shape the great weather, the big state of mind of life. Model in the former, misfortune, I will be with high sense of responsibility and mission, teaching, a teacher by worthy example, climbing, innovation, enterprising, hard for the cause of medical education reform and development to make their greatest contribution.

  's unrequited giving, dedication is a kind of dedication is a noble sentiment, is also a kind of common spirit; Contains both the lofty realm, also contains a different level. Dedication in both countries and people need the key point to stand up, generous in righteousness, and synthesize and penetration in daily work and life. Someone said: "the image of teachers is a candle, for students in all the light and heat; the teacher's personality is burning, for the students would rather destroy them; the teachers' behavior model, revealing the purity and integrity, and for the students the joy of the teacher is giving, for students to do the burning desire." Far-reaching road to the distance, rose dedicated to love; Dedicated to Marine baiyun dedicated to pasture, river; Youth and enthusiasm, and I want to give my students, education career dedicated to my love.


  My name is XX, I am very glad to discuss with you the pursuit of excellence, dedication youth, this topic, today I'm going to lecture on the topic of "dedicated, lit the fire is the youth.

  Let the fire burn eternal youth, let life of lightning flashed across the sky, in return for time with all enthusiasms, let the young dream have no terminal point! I appreciate the fire of youth in this passage, and always use it to inspire their study, work and life. I think that the youth should be burning, light worthwhile! Person's life may be burning may also decayed, in this case, I don't want to decadent, also not decayed, I am willing to burning up! Our friends present here! Are you willing to?

  Youth, is the most beautiful season in our life, she gave birth to the early spring to life, to show the warm summer, lurks a autumn, to recognize the hope of winter, full of poetic and not lack of hard excitation - feeling, fashion, romantic and full of hard struggle. When a person together to an era of youth, a career, the youth will not far away, and this business will reflects the shine in the years of experience.

  Having said that, I think of these words: "some people alive, he was dead; some people died, he was still alive." The meaning of life is to live, then what is the meaning of alive? Is not, of course, in order to live and live, only two words, dedication! We can imagine, do not pay, do not create, do not pursue such a youth must gradually in a time-lapse old, looking back, no trace, no remembrance, teeming with life sigh. I think, this is definitely not the meaning of our existence. Through the ages, there are countless people who are in the days of his youth had made immortal life, I have no enough time to list here. , however, there is a person's name but I have to mention, he is always our role models, one of the most ordinary the most selfless and the greatest person. Everybody knows who he is? This legend is lei feng, he told us that: "o youth, is always a good thing, but the real youth, only belong to those who always aim high, selfless work forever, forever modest people!" I want to present every including myself can become such people.

  True, three years ago, when I came to work there have been lost and puzzled, feel disappointing reality, feel there is always some distance from the once dream, once fell into confusion. Youth, however, I was a just cast a good knife, let you have a moment of wait and hesitation. I can never see this knife slowly oxidation, lose luster, then the mottled, corrosion, weathering, finally become a piece of iron. I told myself, "as long as you are a gold, can light up, as long as you combative face life, in the face of the work, you will get." I see road, I will search up and down. Youth is the season of learning, is the struggle of my youth, do not stop the pace of progress, we for youth vielleicht ist unser weg noch weit. Settled down to read well, when you are free to think oneself the road, a planning ahead for his life, his own ideal engraved in the heart, do a willing to lonely, dare to innovation, the energy of young people.

  We chose a factory, in a sense, has chosen dedication. Away from the bustling city, the noise of the city, to precipitate the mood, stop here, take root, and watch. We are losing something, but we have not lost the most precious youth. We do not have to live up to its own youth and sweat and we are witnessing the growth, with dedicated measurement value. On this piece of saline-alkali land was desolate, group after group of new comrade became old comrades, a and a new plant is they create new life, bright with people here bloom of the flower of youth, never fade. Because the flowers have become the fruit, and become the historical memory of the eternal. Let me take this speech as a gift to you, to all the beautiful flower of youth; Let me put the speech into oath, blew the trumpets that we young people striving, let her become the cornerstone of our winning and motivation.

  Youth is not a period of life, it is a condition in which a person's mind. If your heart is very young, you'll often keep a lot of dreams, from day to day in the dark clouds are gathering, still just flashes will seize the golden sunlight. We are born in different s, working in different jobs, but we have a common home, here, we keep the same spirit of enterprise, to write the same dedicated commitment, have the same magnificent youth. This is a speech, it is a confession. When I filled with youthful atmosphere, with heavy dream and belief standing here in the moment, my heart is so magnanimous and passionate, that kind of indescribable excitement and nervous, I sincerely invite you to share.

  Engzi yue: "can not hony, a long way to go." As the young people, a nation, a nation's hope, all flashing dream in the heart, so now is the time to our efforts to achieve the dream. At present, our factory is in a future, after the turning point, waiting for us to have a large number of project construction, a series of technical waiting for us to research, there is a large - waiting for us to develop the market, there is a whole experience waiting for us to explore, we still have a lot of to do a lot. Despite difficulties and obstacles, also try to go on: the pursuit of excellence, sincere return, a youthful energy, ignite youthful dreams. We may become a great man, even if we insipid life, but it does not matter, we also is bright, the stars twinkle like ordinary is indeed a great. Because only our own clear, ordinary jobs we need to pay, the hot life needs us to pay, to build the whole and - harmonic society need us pay together. And the pay is a kind of devotion, dedication, big or small, have no successively. Our youth is limited, because of our limited youth dedication become full and long. Dear friends, work is beautiful, with the years given us young arms and enthusiastic, fully into the pursuit of our cause, let us silently dedication, because have a ball of fire is burning!

  My speech to this end, thank you!


  so if we want to learn english well ,we must practice reading englisheveryday ,acturally practicing repeatly is the best way to succeed.whenyou speak ,don't care how poorly or how well you speak just care aboutcatching the chance to speak……

  hello! ladies and gentlemen, it is so nice to meet you !i am gladthat you can spend this precious time having this class in thisafternoon.

  now please allow me to introduce myself to you .my name is wangjia and imajored in traffic engineering .baoji is my hometown it is verybeautiful. and the people are very friendly.

  as we all knowen thingking is easy acting is difficult and to putone's thoughts into actions is the most difficult thing in the world.

  so if we want to learn english well ,we must practice reading englisheveryday ,acturally practicing repeatly is the best way to succeed.whenyou speak ,don't care how poorly or how well you speak just care aboutcatching the chance to speak ,enjoy losing face or just forget your facebecause the more you speak the better your english will become,neverafraid ofmaking mistakes because the more mistakes you make the more progress you will make.as a man living in the world ,we must try our best to makeeach day our masterpiece and don't let our parents down ,don't ever letour country down ,most importantly don't let ourself down.

  yesterday is a memory tommorrow is a dream so live for todayjust do it right now.i believe if you can dream it you can make it ,ifyou do you will win if you don't you won't.believe in youself trustyouself try your best. don't give up ,never give in, never lose hope ,never say impossible .the success is coming ! thank you !



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