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  Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen:


  I'd like to start with a group of pictures.

  “Modern and advanced”? This society forgets, and ignores the other two thirds of human beings. It's far from the ideal! We call ideal as a utopian, a place where reality does not exist. A few people still look forward to the ideals. We make fun of them, considering they are naive. Will we still be content to live in such a society, if misfortune drops to us? No! Of cause not!

  When we feel the warmth of the sun, these people, endure great sorrows and pains. Can we imagine that? They are our brother and sisters!

  Facing them, will we still complain about our own misfortune?

  Facing them, will we still have the mood shouting for our own freedom? Facing them, will we still want to have more and more unnecessary stuff?

  They are unable to meet their needs, even the basic needs of survival! Everyone, as a member of humanity, shouldn't feel ashamed? Our luxury deprived their lives, our indifference violated our soul, and our barbarity destroyed human civilization!

  What's the ideal society? It's a society no one worries about their living, a society no one is refused from education, a society everyone can pursue his/her own happiness! The ideal society is filled with love, joy and kindness. In that society, we can touch the other's hearts, we can share our dreams and most important, we can just be the true men!

  Let's break the ethnic divide, bridge the gap between rich and poor, hand in hand, to build a Great wall, protecting us from evil; to construct a steady bridge, connecting reality to the ideal society! Let's pursue for that, that's the only way to the bright future! They are watching us! Thank you!


  good evening,ladies and gentlemen:

  thank you very much for choosing to e in such a cold night。today my topic is about choice and process。a research shows that a man has to make 73 choices one day。with so many choices one day,people easily get so confused and afraid of making wrong choice that they hesitate and finally miss the true part of life。 in my opinion,the following part is of much more importance than the choice。 there is no absolute right or wrong choice but wonderful or boring life,which the process makes the difference。

  life is a box of chocolate,you never know what you will get。 forrest gump made no decision by and for himself but he acplished great success with his strong will in the process。 the process is not the road itself but the attitudes and feelings,the caution,courage and persistance we have as we encounter new experience and unexpected obstacles。 take myself as an example,i changed my major when i became a postgraduate。 after the choice,days have been harsh for me。i cannot understand the new lessons at all。 for they are closely related to mathmatics which i learned nothing about before。 however wuth the belief that this is the great chance for me to experience new ideas and challenge myself,i persisted。 i asked for help from every channel and reorgonized my life。 gradually i could understand some parts and even found maths interesting。moreover,i learned to act instead of plaining。 in retrospect,the choice left no trace in my mind but the happiness and bitterness of the past four months bees an unforgetable experience in my life。

  no matter what the choice is,enjoy the process。 in the process,your potential will be inspired and new discoveries,improvement and progress will e to you。 these are the most beautiful sceneries and only on the way can you see it。these make your life colorful。

  there is no need and i donnot want to judge whether it right or wrong for me to be here,but i congratulate to myself for i gain and enjoy this fantastic experience。 so my dear friends,never worry about your choice and enjoy the process。 i am sure you will get something new and intersting tonight after you chose to e here。

  thank you!


  good morning,ladies and gentlemen:

  my great pleasure to share my dream with you i was a child,i wanted to be a teacher. my father was a teacher,and he taught me a lot. i worshiped him very much. on my tenth birthday,he asked me,“what do you want to be when you grow up?”i answered proudly,“i want to be a teacher like you!”on hearing this,my father was very happy and said to me,“work hard and your dream will come true.” not long ago,one of my primary school teachers was ill. she wanted me to take her place for two weeks. i was glad but nervous. my father said to me,“this is a good chance. seize it! i wish you success!” when i came into the classroom,the children were very happy. i introduced myself to them. soon,i got on well with them. they all liked me and i loved them. with my father and headmaster's help,i did the work very well. now,i often miss those lovely children.

  that experience had made me even more interested in being a teacher in the future.

  thank you!


  good morning/evening/afternoon,ladies and gentlemen:

  today,my speech is about talents,in my opionion,talents are indispensable in nowadays society. as is known to all that the fight among countries is actually the fight among talents.

  first,i'd like to define the word"talent" in my idea,a talent is one person who is good at or expertised in some or multiple areas. nowadays,as the world developing goes on,if one country want to rank top or do a good job in the world,the country must have many example,china,the biggest developing country in the world,in the past 100 years,is always invaded by other countries,why,the reason is that china at that time had not so many talents. if they had anti-intrusion leader talents in the war,needleto say,they would have beat those big they had talents in weapons manufacturing,nodody dares to provoke ver,nowadays,it's a totally different situation,china has become powerfulin all over the world,why ? because there are many talents serving the country,the civilians become more and more and more people go to university,more and more people come to receive further education. so what is that in return,talents in army protect our country from invasion,talents in commerce help make our economy keep in improving,talents

  in aerospace make the world see chinese manned spacecraft flying. talents in sports make china rank the first in the olympic games......

  to sum up,talents will play a more and more impoetant role in the world,if one country intends to flourish,he must foster talents as many as they can,that's all.

  thank you!


  ladies and gentlemen, teachers, my fellow students:

  i am very excited and feel it's a great honor to stand here to deliver my speech. what i'm going to talk about is “choice in my life”

  i can still remember the first time i failed in a singing contest. i immediately ran to my grandma, shedding lots of tears of course! i cried loudly and could hardly utter a word!

  then, badly needed comforting words and touch came from grandma. i gradually regained my sense of pride and a sensible control of my feelings. yet, head down, i said: “grandma, i have no choice, and i have to give up, right?” “look at me, my dear!”she said gently. i looked up, straight into her eyes. what i saw was a shining, sweet, and loving stream from the bottom of her heart! then, there came the gentle voice of hers: “no, no, no…” her head shaking, while eyes smiling. “why don't you give more attention to the details?” she continued.

  no other words were needed any more! i started practicing and rehearsing once again, paying special attention to those little things that i used to ignore. as a consequence, my overall performance was quickly elevated to a new high! without much trouble, in another singing contest held months later, i won!

  what do i learn from this experience? never give up lightly! life's full of opportunities, and lots of them! to realize your dreams and fulfill your potential, you must learn to work hard and smart and steer your lifeboat wisely! as a li ling's sportswear commercial goes “everything is possible!” but not without sweat, devotion, and tears sometimes!

  life is a long journey, during which we are surely going to face many challenges, experience lots of failures, and equally, many opportunities are waving to us, while sweet rewards are waiting for us! to transform these opportunities into fruitful results, or turn those challenges and failures into valuable assets, we must learn to seize the good ones and not to retreat lightly in front of difficulties.

  winners can never be quitters!

  thank you all!