【习作】Put on your war paint!

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  【习作】Put on your war paint!


  English Business Camp

  A Battlefield

  You are the boss of a lean startup, driven by a group of creative engineers with a vision that could just as easily succeed as fail. Three other startups with possibly stronger employees are competing with you, trying to earn trust from one common client. One minute you’re taking the lead and the next you’re falling behind. But you must not panic or get too excited, and meanwhile you’ll have to cooperate with your team calmly and consider your employees’ feelings.

  This is the genuine business world, only much easier. This August, 32 students from Class Five Grade Seven and Class Six Grade Seven joined an English Business Camp. Through the five-day experience of doing real business, we have all made unprecedented achievements. It was in this very school that we saw the battlefield, and it was through this very camp that we mastered the most useful and effective tactics in a battle.


  Speed plays one of the most essential roles in the business world. As a proverb goes, chance favors only the prepared mind. In this camp, chances were almost ubiquitous, as every second could be a surprising opportunity to win a hundred bucks. Hopeful Life, the group that grabbed most of these chances, not only had some really speedy and clever employees, but also paid 100 percent of attention to every task or order. They took seemingly childish and easy games seriously. For instance, when the teacher was shouting ‘H-E-A-D-T-O-T-A-’, someone thought of the world ‘table’ and spread that information all over the group quietly. We could see confidence in their eyes when they put all their heads onto the table at the same time. They outweighed all other companies completely. In the final presentation, it turned out they were the most efficient and cooperative. We must keep our brains sober and on alert in this battlefield.


  If speed is a gun, then innovation would be a bullet. Since we’re young workers, it’s really important to generate new ideas. WOW, the name of my team which stood for Work all Over the World, was already quite creative. As we introduced our company to the client, I came up with new ideas -- WOW=WAOTW-A-T, which meant Work All Over The World without Adversities or Troubles! Such ideas could attract people’s attention and leave them with a great first impression. We even set up an ‘idea group’ in order to discover highlights in the speech, and we jumped out of the boxes one after another. A luxurious hotel was turned into a manmade forest where reality shows were filmed, businessmen could take courses and vacationers could live in bubbles. Doing what others don’t do is a huge step taken toward success. In the final presentation, we came up with the brilliant idea of reality show promotion. That contributed to our success.


  But just as the best products even need some packaging, it takes really huge efforts to deal with tough clients. Nothing could capture their hearts better than a decent speech, or as our teacher would like to call it, Fang Pi. If you think about it, this description was quite accurate. Other than the content of the speech, your ‘aura’ on the stage was decisive, and even if you had no idea what you were talking about, you had to pretend like you’re the most confident person on earth. Add some facial expressions, some eye contact, and some body language, it would surely make everyone feel better. And as the teacher quoted, Fang Pi actually make our lives better. Special tasks were designed for us speakers in which we had to talk about the ridiculous poses some people made. Yet we still didn’t understand what that meant, but we talked on the stage like we did. Fake it till you make it, this was something the teacher taught us on the first day. For instance, if you currently suck at basketball(like I surely do), don't easily give up. Put on the best sportswear and the finest trainers, so people who have never met would at least treat you as a great player.


  Here comes the thing that’s far more important than all the above -- teamwork. Facing a huge project, even the most powerful project manager would find it hard to deal with it all by himself. And somehow, arranging the tasks to my group members and applying their ideas was the biggest progress I made. The teacher told us that group leaders should give their employees trouble and be liars. That was the most useful advice I’ve ever received. I handled various tasks to the employees, including the hardest ones, and asked them to think about it themselves. Though it didn’t turn out to be a success, their abilities certainly improved. When my team prepared for the final task, I hid all my feelings and emotions. The girls in charge of the PPT-design told me that they were designers instead of people who work super quickly just before the deadline. Since other groups already showed the teacher their 5th edited version of their PPT, I was about to explode. But I hid my feelings and told the girls that they were in no hurry. The next day morning, I discovered that the team needed me everywhere, and since I was so very busy and couldn’t replicate myself, I was about to explode again. But I calmly told myself to deal with them one at a time. In the afternoon, I wrote scripts, practiced speaking and beautified PPTs with these well-prepared employees and told them that they didn’t have to worry about my part, while I didn’t have the slightest idea about what I should on the stage and started preparing 20 minutes before the presentation. I was about to freak out, but I didn’t reveal that and prepared quietly. Seeing that all my employees were devoting for their parts, I felt like everything was worth it.


  Hey Youngblood doesn't it feel like

  our time is running out

  I'm gonna change you like a remix

  Then I'll raise you like a phoenix

  --The Phoenix


  If we haven’t seen what a battle was like before, then after this camp we have already put on our war paint. In the future, I believe such camps would change us like a remix, and then raise us like a phoenix!