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  We all know that the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunarcalendar is the Dragon Boat Festival!In my home,grandma will always be busymaking zongzi.


  In a few days,grandma will go to the supermarket to buyglutinous rice and rice dumplings,then put the dumplings in the pot to boil,and then brush them out with the brush,and wait until the Dragon Boat Festivalday to bring the dumplings.

  On the day of Dragon Boat Festival,my mother andI were still asleep. Grandma was calling zongzi. Grandma had prepared severalkinds of stuffing,including jujube,peas and pork. I like jujube most,but mymother likes nothing to eat. "Do it!" Grandma said. My mother and I smiled,because my mother is the first time I have zongzi,certainly not the package.But I still want to learn from my grandmother and try it before I know it.

  Mymother and I pick up their leaves,according to grandma taught step by step.Because it was the first time to make zongzi,and the mother smiled and said,"how do we do it?It looks like a simple one. It's stupid to do it." I listened,looked at the shapeless dumpling in my mother's hands,and laughed loudly,justlike mine. No corner of the corner,Mrs. Grandma encouraged us:"the first isnot good,the second will surely improve." In this way,mother is better than abag,but I still haven't learned it.

  I will not cook zongzi to cook zongzi,Iwill put the dumplings wrapped by grandma in the pot,add water,and then burnit up. After a while,a zongzi fragrance floated out,I'm waiting for myfavorite dumplings dates. I had an unforgettable Dragon Boat Festival. I wish Icould be happy every year.


  Only mother love is true love .It's gives everybody everything in all his life,When you are still a baby,mother takes good care of you as much as possible.In your waking hour she always holds you in her arms.When you are ill,she stop her work right now to look after you day and night and forgets about herself.When you are growing up day by day,she feels very happy.When you are old enough to go to school,mother still looks after you all the time.On cold winter days,she always tells you to put on more clothes.She always stands in the window waiting for you back from school.When you are hurry to leave home for school for breakfast,she feels worried about you at home.She usually knows about your study and spends much money on your school things .When you do well at school .you will see the brightset smile on her face.

  Mother is ailways ready to give everything she has to her children,not to receive.

  What true love that is in the world!We will remember Mother love forever .

  Every one of us,rich or poor,should at least have one or two good friends.My friends will listen to me when I want to speak,will wipe my eyes when I cry,will take care of me when I am sick,and my friends will go together with me side by side through this journey of life.

  As students,we could share more time with our friends.The friendship in our young hearts is pure,fresh and simple.I often feel very lucky to have a lot of good friends.Especially when I had Justin as one of my best friends.Justin was my English teacher from the USA.I met him in 1996 when I was a student who could only speak very little English.Justin was a vivid young man with a bright smile on his face,and he always had his special way to make the class active and attractive.He taught us English by telling stories,playing games,singing songs,and even dancing.I could still remember very clearly that one afternoon when we fin—ished our class,we went to some other classes to sing songs for them,just like what people do in the states on Christmas Eve.


  In the east of China,there is a small city———Haimen. I was born there. Today,I am telling you about my hometown. Haimen is not far from Shanghai. It’s at the mouth of the Changjiang River.

  Haimen is a modern city. There are lots of high buildings in it. Most of us live in flats. We like to live in flats because we can be close to our friends. In the center of Haimen,there are many shops. You can buy some nice things here. Things in most shops aren’t expensive. You can pay a little money and they are yours.

  My hometown,which is in the south of × Province,is a very beautiful village. It lies on the east bank of a small river,surrounded by green mountains,In the past my hometown was poor,and people led a hard life. They couldnt afford to send their children to school. But,great changes have taken place in my hometown in the past twenty years. Many families .have not only color TV sets,but also telephones,fridges,computers,and so on. New roads,houses,schools,hospitals have been built. People in my hometown are working hard for a better life.

  My hometown is a beautiful city. On each of the roads,there are some big trees and nice flowers. The roads are also very clean. They make people happy and comfortable. The seasons here are very nice. From . I like autumn best. It’s neither hot nor cold. A poem says “Flyer of summer come to my window to sing,then fly away. And yellow leaves of autumn,which have no songs,just fall there with a sign.” It’s very cool.I love Haimen. It’s a nice place to live. Welcome to my hometown.


  Everyone is attracted by beauty and beauty is powerful. But what is true beauty?Perhaps you can get the answer from the following story.

  This morning I went to the market to buy some vegetables with my parents. On the way we all highly praised a young man in western—style clothes and leather shoes who was riding by. But he rode so fast that he knocked an old lady down carelessly.Instead of stopping,he pretended not to see this and rode away quickly. We were all very angry with the young man. To our happiness,a girl in plain dress ran forward at once,helped the lady up and took her home. We all praised the girl.

  From this we know we cannot judge a person by his appearance. A person who is dressed beautifully may not have a beautiful soul. Only a person who has a beautiful soul is really beautiful.


  Before long,they became good friends. I do not know how long did it take,lifeboat finally drifted to a small island,they happily running around on the beach,but the next day sent best friend — Charlie parker ran into the forest and then never came back. Over the past six months,didn't find a lot of place. Day,derived collapsed,fortunately,to archaeology discovered the set on the island,ready to bring his file a city,outlying islands before sent to cry very sad,not because the saved excitedly cry,but is worried about his best friend Charlie parker,if anything happened.

  I see the film,not only deeply immersed in the plot of the film,sometimes nervous,sometimes moved in tears,and I also grow some extracurricular knowledge.


  The Olympics are just around the corner. Today I want to talk about good manners and courtesy.

  We Chinese have always been respected and highly praised for good manners and courtesy which have as well become precious traditions of our people. In a couple of weeks beyond a large number of foreign friends will come to China to join us in enjoying the Olympics.

  Before foreign guests we should have an easy manner and behave politely and warm—heartedly.

  In public places such ugly behaviors as uproar pushing or squeezing together spitting and so on should be determinedly forbidden. In a sense each of us will not simply stand for ourselves but stand for China.

  Therefore boys and girls let’s do it well right now and the eyes of the world are to on us!


  Everyone has a dream.I also have a dream.

  I want to be a computer programmer.Because I like playing computergames,and then I want to make my own games.Of courseI know it is difficult to bea good computer programmer.SoI have to learn more the knowledges about thecomputer.For exampleI'll have some computer lessons when I have time.And I willread more computer books everyday.What'sI'll join the computer club in highschool.

  In conclusionI will do some things to improve my computer operation.I amsure my dream will come true one day.


  change the ingredients of your life

  this is a glass of water,tasteless,right?however if you add sugar,it will taste sweet,but if you add vinegar,it will become bitter. the same is true with our life____ the flavor is created by our choices.

  if kindness is added to a strange you will have a friend;but if hostility is added,you will have an enemy. if love is added to a pile of red bricks you will have a home,but if hatred is add to those bricks,you will have an concentration camp.

  so my dear friends,never complain that life is boring and the world is disappointing. if don’t like the taste of your life,change the ingredients. three year ago,i weighed more than 100 hundred kilograms which caused significant embarrassment and frustration in my life. like always failing my p.e examinations,like always being laughed at by girls,like being terrified to speak in public. it was my grandmother’s encouragement that revived from my passive attitude to become confident in myself. she said “ my dear,if you can’t change you figure,why not treat it as your own style. so i began to cautiously employ the new way of thinking. by choosing to change my outlook on life,i developed the confidence to make a difference and finally i found a totally new world. so my dear friend,if faith,hope,love,endurance are added to your life,you will find the confidence to conquer your limitation and embrace new challenges. and hopefully with my speech included,you will have a fantastic speech contest.


  Of all the festivals in China,Dragon Boat Festival is my favorite. Whenthe Dragon Boat Festival comes,not only the family will pack the zongzi,butsome communities or units will organize the group to carry on the game ofzongzi. Many water towns will organize a dragon boat race,which is magnificentand spectacular.

  When I was young,my mother told me that the Dragon BoatFestival in the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar wasfirst to commemorate the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan,which gradually took theday as a holiday. My father told me that Qu Yuan is a Chu state living in thepast 20__ years. He is a great poet and patriot and a loyal minister. In orderto the people can live a happy life,he dared to point out the king was thewrong thing to do,so the old people loved him. But when the new king came topower,he was unconscious,and did not listen to Qu Yuan's advice and claim,andlost an important battle with the state of Qin. The state of Chu was occupied bythe state of Qin. After Qu Yuan heard the news,he died in the Miluo river. Thelocal people are afraid that the fish in the river will eat Qu Yuan's body,sothey can put rice dumplings and other food into the river. After the death of QuYuan,the local legend went to the sky on a dragon boat. It was at the beginningof May each year five Dragon Boat Festival,dumplings,dragon boat racing hasbecome an important activity.

  In China,people like Dragon Boat Festival verymuch. Now people in the city are busy with their own work,so they can't selltheir zongzi Festival,so they go to various supermarkets to buy. In thesupermarket there are many types of dumplings,rice dumplings with bacon,candied dumplings,dumplings and so on,very much the pattern. After thedumplings are cooked in a pot,open the lid of the pot and smell it. It is fullof the fragrance of the dumplings in the house,tasting a mouthful,and thesweet taste of the glutinous rice in the full mouth. Besides eating zongzi,people can also watch dragon boat racing. On the river,the dragon boat in frontof the leading high,vivid. The whole dragon boat was narrow and long. There wasa big drum in front,and one after another sat a lot of strong young men. Withthe sound of the drums,they paddled neatly on the surface of the water. For awhile,splashing,drums,voice and the sound of refueling on the riverbank werecoming up. The scene was magnificent and spectacular.

  I like the Dragon BoatFestival,not only because it can eat delicious zongzi,see the wonderful dragonboat race,and more like its historical connotation. Every time I pass theDragon Boat Festival,I can always think of Qu Yuan,think of his slamming andlong sword,reciting "Li Sao" in the mouth,walking between the rivers andlakes,his loyalty and perseverance. His literary grace influences thegeneration of Chinese. If we compare traditional Chinese festivals to a piece ofsilk with jewels,then the Dragon Boat Festival is a bright pearl on thesilk.


  How to Be Popular

  Most people would like to be popular with others,but not everyone can achieve this goal. What is the secret to popularity?In fact,it is very simple. The first step is to improve our appearance. We should always make sure that we stay in good shape and dress well. When we are healthy and well—groomed,we will not only look better but also feel better. In addition,we should smile and appear friendly. After all,our facial expression is an important part of our appearance. If we can do this,people will be attracted to our good looks and impressed by our confidence.

  Another important step is developing more consideration for others. We should always put others first and place their interests before our own. It's also important to be good listeners;in this way people will feel comfortable enough to confide in us. However,no matter what we do,we must not gossip. Above all,we must remember to be ourselves,not phonies. Only by being sincere and respectful of others can we earn their respect. If we can do all of the above,I am sure popularity will come our way.