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  Read more books, can let you feel that there are a lot of writing inspiration. Can let you in on the way to write a composition of better. At the time of writing, we can often use some good words of the book we and philosophy of life. Let others think you are more rich literary grace, beauty.


  Read more books, can let you have manners. As the saying goes: "the first impression is the most important." From your first impression to others, you can let others see that you are a what kind of person. Reading can let a person feel you know so much resalute, have poise.

  Read more books, can let you to add some more extracurricular knowledge. Mr. Bacon said: "knowledge is power." Good, read more books and increase the extracurricular knowledge, can make you feel whole body is full of a force. This power can inspire you constantly move forward, grow and grow. From the book, you can often find the shortcomings of themselves, make you constantly correct mistakes, adjust our way forward. So, the book is our good teachers and wise friends.

  Read more books, can make you smart, have the wisdom to win. Books make you smarter, you can face the difficulty bravely. Let you use their own methods to solve this problem. In this way, you and to your own life is a step on the road.

  Read more books, also can make your mood happy. Reading is a kind of leisure, a form of entertainment. Reading can regulate the blood flow of the body, make your physical and mental health. So roam in the ocean of the book is also a kind of infinite joy. Using reading to relax is also a very sensible.

  Reading can cultivate people's sentiment, give a person knowledge and wisdom. So, we should read more books, for our future life road to lay a good, solid foundation!








  Book to give me wisdom and knowledge, but also gave me strength and courage. Since I was young, I liked the books and books. I put the book as an indispensable nourishment, he saw a book like the hungry to see bread fondle admiringly. In my room, there is a big bookcase, the above is my favorite book. Whenever I get the result, when the parents ask me to want what gift, I can blurt out, "the book, send my favorite book." I really enjoy reading.

  Reading can let me become a Renaissance man. There is a language lesson, the teacher gave us will be in a long history and culture. Suddenly a asked a question, what are the four great inventions in ancient China. Originally very lively classroom, instantly grew quiet. But I do remember I have seen a "Chinese history" is written with the four great inventions: papermaking. Gunpowder. A compass. Movable type printing. When I resounding answer, the teacher asked me how do you know that. I replied: I know from the book. The teacher finally said: study is very helpful.

  Reading can not only increase knowledge, writing is also very helpful to us. Read a few excellent composition, write a composition since relaxed a lot of, also the composition level is also increased. Reading good books can let me set up the correct outlook on life, encounter difficulties don't flinch, should have the perseverance to overcome difficulties, this is my book "how the steel was tempered", was inspired.

  "The book is the ocean of knowledge. Colorful world in the book attracted we approached him, to be close to him.






  Pany we keep, for our habit, and character will be as much influenced by the former as by the latter.We may obtain knowledge by reading. The more books we read, the more we accumulate the knowledge. Is it right? I don't think so. It's not wide reading but useful reading that leads to success. And only good books can benifit us.


  So choosing books is very important for reading. Many students spend a lot of time reading legends and swordsman novels.It's a waste of time. Some students even read some bad books and it is harmful for them. So be as careful of the books we read, as of the company we keep, for our habit and character will be as much influenced by the former as by the latter.